On Tutaevsky highway in Yaroslavl put experimental asphalt

Tutaevsky Yaroslavl highway turned into an experimental platform. On Friday, a small section of the route near the Paris Commune tarred with new material — granulated asphalt.

We have already mentioned that the inventors are employees of the Yaroslavl State Technical University — Professor Anatoly Zaitsev, Valery Gotovtsev and others. Consists of know-how of the same components that are used for the manufacture of conventional asphalt — bitumen and mineral powder. But the new material is not crushed stone and sand. According to the authors, this formula allows us to cover more durable and moisture-resistant. So, it can last for much longer than conventional asphalt (for more details see HERE >>>).

The patent for this invention was obtained in 2002. Told us Anatoly Zaitsev, scientists have tried to apply their innovation in practice. In 2005, a trial batch of material laid on a stretch of road in Uglich. But then the experiment failed. First, because of the lack of a special powder, granules asphalt stuck together. And secondly, the material was cold and I did not have the usual roller power it normally compacted.

This time, Valery Gotovtsev who left the idea to use his creation for the benefit of people take into account the errors of the first experience. At this time, the granules are not allowed to cool. They leveled and then another warm roller compacted and gravel — that cars do not slide. Coverage has turned solid and durable.

While the test section has a small footprint — about one to three meters. But the work is expected to continue.

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