On TV, there was the first Russian car advertising E

Mikhail Prokhorov decided to start advertising their new car, called the "e". According to the creators of the machine, the letter "e" is only in Russian language. And that is why it is so unique. In addition, the letter "e" is the seventh letter of the Russian alphabet, and, they say, the number 7 is rumored to bring good luck. Well, about the negative associations that may cause the letter "e", the designers prefer not to talk.

As previously reported, Mikhail Prokhorov plans to produce a whole family of cars. In addition to the hatchback and the sedan should appear crossover, wagon and coupe even! But the interesting thing is the other. "Car Prokhorov" should be the most modern vehicle in Russia. And the number of the technologies it will not yield the best world standards.

One has only to say that e-mobility will receive the hybrid power plant! The internal combustion engine will transfer energy to the generator. A part of the generated energy will be directly transmitted to the motor, which will be linked through the gears to the drive wheels, the excess energy will go into the drive (there will also be coming back and recovered energy). The total capacity of the power plant will be about 70 hp Moreover, the internal combustion engine is operated with natural gas!

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