On Tyumenremdormashe updated equipment

At the "Tyumenremdormash" started building a new one — welding machines multifaceted tapered poles lighting company "MTS" (Italy). With it you can weld supports up to 10 pieces per hour. Furthermore, the plant appeared modern machine for making round and polygonal road signs diameter or diagonal to 2.2 meters firm «Lucas». This was "Vsluh.ru" the press sluzhbepredpriyatiya.

As the general manager of Alexey Ragozin, the introduction of high-tech equipment at the plant are cleaned regularly. "We are growing, increasing the quality and range of the plant equipment. Currently, we are the largest company in the Urals Federal District for the production of products for road construction and improvement of roads, as well as components for road and municipal engineering in various fields. In general, the Russian factory occupies 10 percent of the market. The high quality of our products is valued not only in Russia but also abroad — in the neighboring countries. We strive to ensure that remain among the leaders in their field, "- said Rogozin.

According to the head of JSC "Plant" Tyumenremdormash ", the company’s products every day sees every tyumenets. Lighting poles at major traffic intersections of the city, barrier fences, traffic signs, stopping complexes, road machinery equipment, repairs and cleaning our city — it was manufactured in the workshops of the factory. "I’ll travel on our roads and I know how to be road equipment to make it safe and comfortable to all participants in the movement — and to drivers and pedestrians. His knowledge and experience I implemented at the plant, "- said Rogozin.


The main purpose of the multifaceted tapered poles is the lighting of households in residential areas, parks, public gardens, freestanding shopping centers, parks, open spaces of fast food restaurants, sidewalk cafes, kindergartens, cottage villages filling stations (gas stations). On top of the support is installed lamp crowning type or bracket. Every year at the "Tyumenremdormash" more than 9,000 such towers annually. In Tyumen, they are installed in locations such as the interchange at the Moscow road, ring road, Tobolsk tract and around the city.

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