On Vladimir CHP-2 has begun installation of steam turbine CCPP-230

Steam turbine refers to the basic equipment of the new unit. We are currently preparing for the control cylinder assembly turbine. Construction and installation work will be carried out by a special crane bridge type.

In the turbine room of Vladimir TPP-2 has begun installation of a new steam turbine of 230 MW combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT-230). This equipment has been manufactured by the specialists of CJSC "Ural Turbine Works". The total weight of the steam turbine plant is 500 tons, rated power — 63 MW.

"Fully assemble the equipment is scheduled for the end of August. In addition, our specialists have started the installation of the diffuser recovery boiler "- said Director Vladimir branch of TGC-6 on the implementation of priority investment projects Denis Ulanov.

Reconstruction of HPP-2 Vladimir branch of JSC "TGC-6" is designed to provide increased power and heat power in the region, as well as the replacement of equipment with expired life. Since the commissioning of the combined cycle gas turbine power capacity Vladimir HPP-2 will increase by 230 MW and heat to 143 Gcal / h Deadline — December 2013.

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