On Yuzhkabel have commissioned a new plant

At JSC "Plant" Yuzhkabel "September 20 put into operation a new plant for the production of pozharobezobasnyh cables.

 It was reported "SQ", the press service of the plant. In the workshop involved the import equipment.

According to the press service, the fire-resistant cables are installed at facilities put forward higher requirements for fire safety in areas with large crowds and where the fire can be significant property damage. Potential consumers of the plant are fireproof cable plant, airports, railway stations, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls, stadiums, theaters, museums, subways and apartment buildings. In the event of fire cables provide job elevators, ventilation, emergency lighting, pumps, automatic fire suppression systems, air conditioning systems and other devices.

Help "SQ". "Yuzhkabel" produces more than 18 million cable types and kinds. The total investment in all of the plant in recent years has made more than 300 mln. For the year 2012 the plant produced products almost a billion hryvnia. For comparison, in 2006 the volume of production, "Yuzhkabel" was 500 million. The average monthly salary in the enterprise — 3 thousand 261 UAH.

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