On ZabZhD master advanced technology which straightening path

The station Borzya Trans-Baikal Railway held theoretical and practical training of managers and specialists distances ways Zabaikalskaya Infrastructure Directorate to study modern technology of high-precision bearing of the way with the use of the automated system "FS-Navigator"

This technology provides engineering and information management straightening work with current maintenance and repairs to the railway track. 
With the help of "FS-Navigator" at intervals twice a month a way of digitizing disorders, targeted planning straightening work, objective monitoring of their quantity and quality. To synchronize wagons puteizmeriteley from the instrumentation system straightening machines to coordinate the way with the help of special electronic tags created an electronic waypoint marking.On-chip electronic tag ID number is stored to establish its exact location — the road, the stage, the path kilometer rally. These tags can also be used for positioning in the way of rolling stock and the linking of GLONASS / GPS-coordinates with the coordinates of the way.
Technical means of the system include a laptop computer, a programmable microprocessor controller, on-board power supply, encoder and communication connections.
New technology allows you to assign a targeted straightening work and ensure maximum operational efficiency by eliminating the most dangerous disorders of the way. In addition, its use can significantly improve the performance of puteremontnyh machines.
Extremely high precision technology is being implemented by way of straightening solution and investment management support of "Russian Railways". In 2012 the Trans-Baikal on the road under the jurisdiction of the Directorate for operation and maintenance of track machines received 12 units of the "FS-Navigator" worth about 75 million rubles. They are equipped with puteremontnye cars and wagons puteizmeriteli. Four of the complex is involved in the production, eight sets are being introduced into service.
As part of the meeting at the Greyhound for the Study of high-technology straightening the path using the automated system "FS-Navigator" on the stretch Peace-Bezrechnaya held seven-hour "window" during which the complex track machines running on-board computers produced bearing of three kilometers ferrying a complex profile. Upon completion of work on the site was passed wagon puteizmeritel, which assessed the state of the repaired road — "excellent", the press service of ZabZhD.

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