On Zagorskaya PSP-2 installed overhead cranes manufactured in Russia

At the plant site Zagorskaya PSP-2 completed a full inspection of overhead cranes with a capacity of 320 tons and 63 tons lifting support verification of equipment made by a committee under the control of the station inspector RTN. Installation and commissioning performed by specialists "Center SGEM" with the participation of the chief engineer of the manufacturer of crane equipment — NGO "Mostovik"

In carrying out the static and dynamic tests carried out and used gidronagruzhatel load limiter setting. Load limiter prevents overloading of the crane, thus ensuring the safe operation of the equipment.

For the first and subsequent planned examinations (tests) in a base plate mounting pad was installed a special device — cargo anchor. At the same time accommodate gidronagruzhatelya with oil pressure unit. This allows the creation of a predetermined force on the valve lifting device during testing.

Overhead cranes and their future at the station has two, designed for installation of the equipment and the pump-turbine synchronous generator rated at 210 MW. In the new generation of cranes offer modern controllers, allowing a wide range of adjust the speed of the underlying mechanisms, ie at low speed to move heavy loads to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter.

Also on the new cranes have the ability to control processes, such as the cab and operator, from remote control. One of the main qualities of the crane is their ability to work, "BUDDY". This will be especially important when mounting the rotor of the generator, which weighs about 600 tons. During the operation Zagorskaya PSP-2 bridge cranes will be used for the repair of equipment.


"Trials of overhead cranes were in the normal mode and ended successfully," — said the chief engineer of JSC "Zagorskaya 2" Ivan Danilov. — "From the NGO" Mostovik "We are working for a long time. They are the only manufacturers of such equipment in Russia. Soon after completing your registration and receipt of regulatory approvals in the supervisory bodies (Rostekhnadzor) cranes will be involved in the work. Scheduled to begin in March pre-assembly Turbine mechanisms which will be fully utilized soft landing speed of the crane ".

Total construction readiness Zagorskaya PSP-2 is currently close to 70%. Construction of the second stage of Pumped Storage Station is in line with the policy schedule. In the current year, is scheduled to enter into service 1 and 2 hydroelectric pumped storage, and therefore, the intensity of the construction site is greatly enhanced. Work carried out on six areas — the station site, penstocks, water intake, the lower and upper basins as well as the 500 kV gas-insulated switchgear.

Construction Zagorskaya PSP-2 is near the existing Zagorskaya PSP — branch of JSC "RusHydro". Organizer of construction — of "Zagorskaya-2" — 100% subsidiary of JSC "RusHydro", formed in 2006. The first two hydroelectric capacity of 420 MW will be commissioned in December 2012. At full capacity — 840 MW — the station will be released in 2014.

The structure of the station facilities include upper and lower basins, drainage, water supply lines and the station node, the schema objects of power and infrastructure projects, which provide building.

According to the System Operator, the shortage of maneuverable regulatory power in the Central region of Russia 2.5-3.0 million kW, including in the Moscow region — about 1.5 million kW. The second phase of the Zagorskaya hydroelectric station is built for a partial solution to this problem, as well as the prevention of emergency situations in Moscow and the Moscow region.

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