On Zaporizhzhya TPP completed reconstruction unit N1

On Zaporizhzhya TPP, which is part of the "DTEK Dniproenergo", a project of reconstruction of power N1. As part of the modernization of the turbine K-300-240-2 was replaced with a new unit K-325-23, 5. The general contractor was the company "Spetsenergomontazh." 

According to the company, the turbine K-300-240-2 Zaporizhzhya TPP, like much of the turbine operating in Ukraine, has exhausted its physical resource and obsolete. "Spetsenergomontazh" took up the work in December 2010. The project was the replacement of the turbine equipment. Since the new unit has different geometrical dimensions, specialists had to replace about 100 tons of pipes, said the technical director of "Spetsenergomontazh" Vladimir Kovalev. 

The nominal output of the steam turbine K-325-23, 5 made "Turboatom" is 325 MW. Although in Ukraine such unit is used for the first time, these turbines are already in use at the Novocherkassk GRES (Russia) and Aksu TPP (Kazakhstan). 

Ltd. "Spetsenergomontazh" performs repair and construction works in the energy industry. Since 2007, together with the "Turboatom" involved in projects for the modernization of turbine thermal power plant in Ukraine. 

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