On Zlatmashe completed the preparatory stage for the deployment of production extrusion profile

Zlatoust Machine-Building Plant (Chelyabinsk region). Launching a new large-scale investment project for the production of aluminum extrusion profile. Its total cost — about 650 million rubles.

At the end of 2012, that all solutions, signed the necessary documents, implemented the first financial payments. The project will be conducted jointly with the largest Russian leasing company — JSC "Sberbank Leasing". Ural Bank of Sberbank of Russia provides funding deal. The positive result of working with a financial institution and experience of such large investment projects — most notably, a reconstruction of the thermal power station — at JSC "Zlatmash" is.

— Held a full-scale preparatory work, — said General Director of JSC "Zlatmash", member of the Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk region Sergei Lemeshevsky — Managed to convince partners that our team afford a solution to this problem — we are able to work with aluminum, we know what the aluminum profile, and present the technology of its production. In addition, to date, this is not in the Urals, and for the buyer, including for our company, the country’s largest consumer of aluminum, it is very important affinity provider because transport costs are high.

Now experts of "Zlatmash" and contractors have begun the first phase of the project. Completion date — the fourth quarter of 2013. Since September is a comprehensive reconstruction of mechanical-assembly building, where production is located. This building has a story in and of itself is unique. During the Great Patriotic War, it worked the first director of the plant, Honorary Citizen of Zlatoust and Miass Nikolai Pavlovich Poletaev.

According to the deputy chief engineer of JSC "Zlatmash" Yury Plotnikov, the building is in good condition, as confirmed by examination. Therefore, it was decided to set up the equipment for the new production here. In the near future it is not claimed to dismantle the interior metal construction, overhaul the roof and walls, concrete floors to flood — on the requirements they have to be dusted.

Total business plan has three phases of the project. On the ground — setting a powerful hydraulic press, automated painting line — production profile will be as uncoated and coated with enamel powder. On the second — the acquisition of another similar press — with the possibility of making a profile with powder coating and anodizing. The subsequent stage — the acquisition of the third press and furnaces for melting and casting.

— We do all phases — continues to CEO — because this is a very large-scale infusion. And not only from a financial point of view. Need to work out the distribution policy options, technology and quality. Each step allows to produce the finished product, and in each of them, it becomes a little more expensive. Because, for example, the cost of anodized profile above. With each step in expanding our capabilities and offer the market an additional type of product.

Modern equipment will allow JSC "Zlatmash" let a thousand tons of aluminum per month. 30 percent of the products will be used for their own needs. In addition, the project involves the creation and about a hundred new jobs.

— This is a big step forward. — Sergey Lemeshevsky — I believe that the team on the forces implement it. I hope that we will make no only for our radiators, but also for the needs of enterprises in the Urals region. In the end, this should lead to an increase in civilian production. JSC "Zlatmash" must produce as well, and always, the best products that will be in demand, and a significant impact on the economic development of not only our company, the city, but the whole of the Chelyabinsk region. Ahead of many complex, interesting and promising work.

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