Once again about corruption, or FOM poll on this topic

A little introduction.

A long time since I hung out on the browser tab in this subject, four months, everything was no time, so come down. We are talking about the "mega-poll" FOM 54.4 thousand respondents in 74 subjects of the federation on corruption. Number of respondents indeed "Inspires". As for "We Made"A lot of people are not indifferent to this subject, I think that the material is interesting, and most importantly useful.’s One thing to argue about Corruption at the level of feeling or based on a subjective rating of the organizations of dubious origin (such as TI), Another thing is the results of the survey, in which you can see what questions were asked and what the results were. And to make its findings.









Original file with the results of polls: d18pkr11.pdf. Seven pages, the text is virtually absent, everything is presented in the form of graphs and charts that very clear.


It contains the results of two surveys:

— "The level of corruption"Poll"FOMnibus"April 30 — May 1 2011. 100 settlements, 43 the subject of the Russian Federation, 1500 respondents;

— "Domestic corruption (bribery)"Poll"Georating"2-24 February 2011. 2200 settlements, 74 the subject of the Russian Federation, 54 400 respondents.


"The level of corruption"- This is a subjective Index, compiled by Feels like respondents. That’s what it was asked questions:

"Do you think that the current level of corruption in Russia is reduced or increased?"-"increases"=46%;

"Do you think the current level of corruption in the Russian high or low?"-"high"=80%;

"Do you think that the level of corruption in a year will be lower or higher than it is today?"-"above"=30%.


"Domestic corruption (bribery)"- A survey with specific questions about their personal experiences with corruption that involve much less subjectivity. That’s given it matters:

"Do you experience personally in the last year or two so that any public servant (official) asked or expected you to informal payments, service for their work?"-"no"=79%;

"Have you ever paid a bribe to an official or never paid a bribe?"-"no"=82%;

"You personally condemn those who take, or treat them without judgment?"-"blame"= 70%;

"And those who give bribes, you personally disapprove of, or treat them without judgment?"-"blame"=47%;


I will not comment, I will turn attention to the obvious huge (IMHO) run-up in the sensations our people, and the actual state of affairs (if you believe the second survey [and the first :) ]). But for this purpose, and created this site "We have done"To close the gap in consciousness between" vague feelings of the public, "and the real fact?


Once again I will turn your attention to that very interesting see the whole file. See and think.


This material I came across a page ivgnnm, which in turn podglyadel it "Journal Alexander Kireev, "For which they both great thanks :)



PS Unfortunately, after the publication of an article found rvk "Most Russians do not give or take bribes," there in the comments, reference is made to this study FOM. I hope my article will complement that discussion.

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