Once again on the western mythology of human rights

The confrontation between the West and Russia on the issue of "human rights" does not stop. This opposition hinders the solution of many international problems, but the West shows here fierce tenacity, is not subject to any arguments. Even the abolition of "the Jackson — Vanik" U.S. lawmakers joined with the adoption of the "Magnitsky Act", and now — a new ideological offensive: American weekly Time participants included scabrous show «Pussy Riot», rampaged in one of the major Orthodox churches in Moscow, one of the candidates for the title of "Man of the Year", and the magazine Foreign Policy identified these girls in the first hundred "world thinkers" in 2012 … Keep up with the Americans and the Germans.

A week before the visit of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow at a plenary session of the Bundestag, which among other issues, the German parliamentarians discussed the political situation in Russia and the Russian-German relations. Of the 17 items on the adopted resolution, almost half of the Bundestag refers to the "human rights problems" and explicitly encourages the government of Germany to intervene in the internal affairs of Russia. Thus, the German parliament require the Russian authorities: to speak from the position of European values in the evaluation "overly harsh" sentence for participating groups «Pussy Riot», as well as Taisiya Osipova; pursue the investigation into the arrest of Vasily Aleksanyan, seek a thorough and transparent investigation into the death of Sergei Magnitsky, to ensure that members of the political opposition to contribute to the development of a modern representative of the party system, to ensure that the Petersburg Dialogue platform used for the free exchange of views between civil societies and so on. In general, for Russia, its government and management is unified, coordinated, systematic pressure. And it looks like a big job, comparable in scale to the mythology of the "global war on terror". The fact that the definition of "human rights" in international law is absent. He’s not in the national law of any of the states. The differences in the perception of good and evil, moral and immoral, just and unjust, among the various civilizations of the Earth (Chinese, Indian, Muslim, Orthodox and others), was converted allegedly universal concept of "human rights" in the ideological myth used by the West as a geopolitical purposes. The concept of "human rights" was introduced in 1945 at the initiative of the United Nations Charter by the United Kingdom, the United States and certain other countries. Thus in 1945 the United States has prospered racism and tablets "whites only" were commonplace, and the United Kingdom was the largest colonial power practiced the inhuman exploitation of many nations. In the Bill of Rights by its author, Thomas Jefferson wrote that "all men are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inherent right to life … and the freedom and the ability to acquire and own property and to pursue happiness and security," but Jefferson kept the factory where the use of child slave labor. Established in the United States the concept of "human rights" is literally permeated by such duplicity, which is rooted in Protestantism, who brought the religion of money and triumphant in America "double standards." Where the United Nations Charter speaks of "the natural and imprescriptible rights of man", we mean not the rights of all people living on Earth, but only those administrative structures, which developed from the ruling classes of Western Europe and the United States. In the UN Charter was originally based on the principle of cultural assimilation of peoples, and for ostentatious proclamation of the Declaration of Human Rights is hiding all the same setting of the western oppressor: we shall bind you to the culture of relations, what we want — it does not matter whether you like it or not. The function of the myth of the alleged universal "human rights" is the political assimilation of the conquered peoples on the basis of cultural values of the winners. Therefore, the provisions of the "human rights" were included in the constitution of West Germany, Japan and Italy. The same was practiced with regard to Russia, defeated in the Cold War. The Western concept of "human rights" identifies the type formed the West-European development of a human individual from the community of others like him are equal before God, and imposes this type of as a universal model for all cultures and civilizations. In terms of international relations understood in this way, "human rights" turn into subjection of peoples belonging to different cultural-historical type, by conquest, colonization and cultural assimilation. The same expansionism is the driving force of globalization. "Human Rights" in this interpretation — it’s not universal values and ideology of the West, aimed at subordination to the West the rest of the world. In today’s global environment, "human rights" became not only an instrument of political and cultural assimilation, but also became, in effect, legalized in the UN Charter pretext for military aggression. An illustrative example — the war against Yugoslavia in 1999. In free from the Western myth-making interpretation of the meaning of human existence right rights are inseparable from its responsibilities, and they are of equal area to the rights of the collective, protected by a particular cultural tradition Community people. Human rights — not only the expression of a specific culture, but some will. Churchill, one of the smartest in the West haters Russia, once wrote: "As a result of its victories over its Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia became a deadly threat to the free world." Churchill demanded "immediate create a new front against the rapid advance of the USSR." In 1946 Fulton speech Churchill made the right bet on the promotion of "human rights" as an integral part of the West’s crusade against "Communism" (spoken and written about "communism", but always and only methyl in historical Russian). Churchill’s followers, though not distinguished by his intelligence, have achieved a great deal. In 1990, the government of the USSR, using human rights agreements to change the social system of the Soviet Union, the Soviet government announced criminal (the decree of the USSR President of the rehabilitation of victims of political repressions 30-50s). This was quickly followed by the collapse of the USSR and the frenetic "conversion of life" for its open spaces. A new stage of the ideological attack on Russia through the "human rights" — is an attempt to implement the plan final destruction of a couple of decades ago, before the end was destroyed.

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