One hundred years ago with a loop the loop started in aerobatics aircraft.

Hereditary military Peter Nesterov, went down in history as the founder of aerobatics in the air, at first was not a pilot. Nizhegorodets graduated from the Mikhailovsky Artillery School and served in Vladivostok in the 9th East Siberian Rifle Artillery Brigade — the specialty.

Through it, a specialty gunner, he approached the aircraft — so as not to get bored, developed rules adjust fire from the balloon.

Aeronautics and aviation in the early 20th century were a trendy fad, the lot of the aristocrats of the spirit — and, at the same time open to enthusiasts. Aircraft piloting and training is not cost millions of 25-year-old Nesterov one in 1912 became a fighter pilot and flew. For part-time in 1913, he added to his education course Aviation Department Officer aeronautical school in Gatchina, and in May he was appointed to serve in the squadron in Kiev.

Russian military pilot and founder of aerobatics Pyotr Nesterov (1887-1914). First introduced the roll in a curve, including the "loop." Killed in aerial combat for the first time applying the ram.

Before the Kiev Military Pilot Nesterov postazhirovalsya in Warsaw fly on the French "Nieuport" only taken into service in the Russian army. On this unit, and later he will fly into the history of aviation.

For a minimum of good report on the activities of Pyotr Nesterov’s worth at least a comma-separated list it exercises aviapoprische: In 1910, while still a gunner, Nesterov built a glider and flew it, by studying the flight of birds, he drafted the original plane without a vertical fin ( and embodied it, raskurochiv serial "Nieuport-4" at the Kiev airport) has developed a research design semitsilindrovogo engine capacity of 120 liters. s. air-cooled, single engaged in construction of high-speed aircraft, which is interrupted by the war to end.

Pilot with a deep knowledge of mathematics and mechanics, Nesterov theorized ability to perform deep turns. "Wikipedia"reportsus that in his work on "the interaction of the depth and direction of vehicles at considerable angles of heel," the first time he has proved that at the time of the bends with a roll of more than 45 degrees there is a change in the steering wheel: the elevator serves as a rudder and rudder — rudder elevation.

When Nesterov was appointed commander of the detachment, he entered flight training with deep bends and landing with the engine shut off at pre-scheduled site. Filming in flight, flights for speed (Kiev — Gatchina for some nine and a half hours!), Night flying, aviation cooperation with the ground forces, for aerial combat — objects of interest Russian military pilot Nesterov.

The idea of a vertical loop execution dead Nesterov proved theoretically still a student squad in Gatchina.

"I have not had time to fully complete the theoretical development of this issue when I learned that the" loop the loop "to commit a French aviator and Pegu. Then I threw the theoretical calculations and decided to take a chance. Make a "noose" was for me a matter of pride — in fact more than half a year I have researched this question on the paper, "- said afterwards Nesterov.

Poster "Feat Nesterov."

He made a closed loop in the vertical plane above Syretsko military airfield in Kiev on the 27th August 1913, Old Style in 6 hours and 15 minutes in the evening on a plane "Nieuport-4" with no special adaptations to the engine "Dwarf" at 70 l. s. — And this maneuver initiated aerobatics in aviation.

According to the minutes of sports commissioner of the Kiev Society of aeronautics, the pilot at an altitude of 800-1000 meters turned off the engine and started to dive. At an altitude of about 600 meters up the engine, picked up the plane, described the vertical loop and went into a dive. Again turned off the engine, the plane leveled and smooth down the spiral, landed safely.

Six days later, it repeated the Frenchman Adolphe Pegu.

A new experience has brought the First World War: The air intelligence, the first bombing in Russia — so effective that the Austrian commanders promised large cash reward to anyone who will bring down an airplane Nesterov.

The prisoners were told that during air reconnaissance Russian aviators Austrians always accurately determined how the machine ran Nesterov.

«Das ist Nesteroff!» — Pointed out by the Austrians, when they showed the airplane-bird, beautifully steamed and freely in the air.

After 28 combat missions 27-year-old Captain Pyotr Nesterov made his last feat — on his lung "Moran" rammed hard "Albatross", in which were the pilot Franz Malina and pilot observer Baron Friedrich von Rosenthal, who conducted aerial reconnaissance of movement Russian troops. Then existing aircraft did not carry machine guns and cannons, the pilots understood each other with revolvers and carbines. Nesterov tried to ram. Killing all …

"What a joy to live, what a pleasure to breathe, to fly and move!" — Told friends pilot Nesterov.

City Zholkva, which the pilot made a great feat to be in the current Lviv region of Ukraine. From 1952 to 1992 he was called Nesterov, there was a memorial: a monument to the dead loop that ends up taking off a jet and a small museum. In the 1990s, the museum was abandoned and looted ..

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