One of Botswana's reserves hit by drought

One of the reserves of Botswana suffers from drought Weather and Climate

Mokolodi Nature Reserve, located 10 km south of the capital of Botswana, Gaborone, has been hit by dry weather. Impact of drought was so severe that the rangers of the reserve was initiated program "Help save the animals."

Most plight at the moment herbivorous inhabitants Mokolodi as dry summer is almost completely destroyed grass and shrubs. Concern is the state of the kudu antelope, which, together with other close to the state, which is close to extinction, if people do not take any measures.
The first step to saving seared reserve and its inhabitants will purchase feed (alfalfa) at $ 13 per bale. Food will be located in areas of the most frequent host of animals, which are very hard hit during the drought of 2012, although the dry weather conditions are common in Botswana. But this year, no one expected such a scale disasters. Even breeding program and recovery of the population of white rhinos could fall.
At the request of meteorological, normal amounts of precipitation will arrive on the reserve before the start of the traditional growing season, falling on January-March. So far, most people have to support the existence of a Mokolodi.

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