One of the largest bridges in the Novosibirsk region was put into operation after reconstruction


One of the largest bridges in the Novosibirsk region — 140 meters long bridge across the river Om Vengerovskiy in the area, after an extensive reconstruction project is put into operation.

Brought into service after the reconstruction of the bridge over the Om located at 36 km of the road "Chany — Vengerovo — Kystovk." Work on the reconstruction began in 2010. The old bridge is no longer met the requirements for bandwidth and security.

Developed project involved the reconstruction of the existing bridge and the construction next to it a new bridge. Thus, the new bridge is a complex of two adjacent bridges, each of which is movement in one direction.

In the period from 2010 to 2012, next to the existing old bridge was built a new bridge length of 133.15 meters. The second phase — the reconstruction of the existing bridge length of 140.83 meters — implemented this year.

In addition, the road builders built the approaches to the two bridges with total length of 1.1 kilometers. The total cost of the work amounted to 269.5 million rubles.

"The project will remove restrictions on capacity of vehicles, improve road safety and to ensure trouble-free year-round residents Kyshtovka transport links and Vengerovskiy regions of the Novosibirsk region," — noted in oblpravitelstve.

Two districts are located in the north-west of the region. From the stable road communication depends largely on the well-being of inhabitants territory.

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