One of the largest water parks in Europe.

In late January, near the park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg will earn one of the biggest indoor water parks in Europe. The Village went inside and found that awaits visitors after opening.

1. Cafe;
2. Wardrobe;
3. Passing point;
4. Reception;
5. Cashier surcharges;
6. Cabanas;
7. Storage;
8. Showers;
9. Cafe-bar;
10. Children’s Castle;
11. Slides;
12. Wave pool;
13. Diving;
14. The river;
15. The cocktail bar;
16. The spa area;
17. Saunas.
The new water park Piterland promises to be not only a place for entertainment, but also a new tourist attraction. Wooden 45-meter dome of the water park is one of the largest such facilities in the world. The owners want to register it in the Guinness Book of Records. The construction of the beams covering non-flammable heavy-duty foil, can withstand frost, wind, heat, and, according to foreign experiments, even a car that will pass through the material stretched in the air. Such a membrane covers the Munich stadium. Near it looks like a frosty pattern on glass in the form of a maple leaf. During construction, water parks, including two years of inactivity due to the crisis, the dome had to withstand a strong and cold, and abnormal heat for Petersburg, and squally gusts of wind — everything remains intact.
"In the city there are no places where there is always the weather is good and you can swim. Even in summer, when people come to Krestovskiy island at their disposal are only a few restaurants where you made pools. Swim in the lakes too dangerous, often dirty water there. In the summer we open terrace, is equipped with a summer beach with bungalows and sun loungers. The service will be at the first-class level, it is important for a man to feel like in Europe: it is interesting, fun and safe. "

It starts with a water park reception, where each visitor receives input bracelet. The money for the water park to take uncomfortable, so the band recorded all expenses, but calculated visitor at the exit. You can change clothes in the locker rooms or single surcharge remove the dressing room for the whole day of family type — like cabins with sofa, table and hanging clothes. On the walls are painted in a swimming area pirated cards, columns mimic the Moai statues of Easter Island. Palm trees, cacti and other vegetation — an artificial, but made from natural materials.

A total of five large water park slides. The most extreme — the blue and dark green: they are made by technology Master Blaster (analogue roller coaster, only water). With the blue hills 212 meters in length visitor will be able to move for 45 seconds. Feature slides that person, contrary to the laws of gravity, soars up by the flow of water and then slides down to the corners. Dark green hill less and turns, and the length of 153 meters. Orange trumpet — the least extreme of the three, with cool spirals and turns. Light green and red — classic straight slides.
In the pirate ship equipped with a restaurant.

Sites are located on the perimeter of a small hot tub. A special place is reserved for the pool where every half hour run artificial waves. On the island for up to seven years are equipped with small slides, mazes, climbing nets, sprays, and the top hangs a large bucket that periodically upsets the water.
In the water park are thirteen types of baths with different design, temperature, intensity of steam, oils and brooms. Among them are: Russian, Indian, Turkish, Bukhara, African, Scythian, Roman, Egyptian, Finnish, infrared, ice, Japanese bath and Aztecs. There is also a spa with body wraps, solarium and Thai massage, from Thai nationals?.
Eat and drink at the water park can be in three places: on the second floor of the cafe-dining room, self-catering in the restaurant in a huge wooden boat among the rides and the bar on the ground floor.

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