One of the two remaining world flying IL-14 — endangered. Need help.


IL-14, "the Soviet Union" RA-0543G at the airport Gorelovo. 2012. This unit has the usual modification of P Aeroflotovskie coloring and applied on board a large inscription "Soviet Union". The rest of the aircraft after the shooting in a movie.

UPD: Collect the money has gone, everything turned out, the arrest removed from the aircraft, details here:

This is happening today in St. Petersburg. It is there now lives enthusiast Poddubnyi Alexander, who managed to keep in flying condition IL-14 modification of P. In addition he has another plane at our command. More in Russia and in the world nowhere flying IL-14. But at the moment his plane is on the threat of removal for further sale to the highest bidder. Bailiffs were given 2 months of the owner to pay off the debt of 1.2 million rubles. If you do not pay it, the plane will be put up for auction. The debt was incurred because of non-payment of vehicle tax, is 470 thousand per year.

As suggested by the owner, the current situation is the consequence of some brokers who want to sell the aircraft abroad. That is, plane "ordered". Buy it from the owner did not work, so went the way of hostile takeover. In the case of negative developments are likely to be so: the aircraft is estimated at a ridiculous price and buy it at the auction "their" people. And then the plane goes abroad and Sanych left with debts and without aircraft. If a mistake has crept in assessing the motives and it is not raiding, then the outcome is also negative — the device ultimately just chews on nonferrous metal.

Large and detailed post with the photo and all the necessary explanations — here: 

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