One step up to the opening of the plant Agribusiness West (Kaliningrad)

Agribusiness West (formerly CONCORDIA) April 4 began operations testing (development) of the product, as well as setting up / taking over the production equipment.

To date, perfected recipe and production process for more than twenty kinds of product Agribusiness. At the end of May, the new plant has started working out new products Cordon — Blue, began their work professionals working with co-extrusion products will be tested and ready meals ready meals.
Intensive training seminars for working with the equipment and product quality assessment.
By mid-June Agribusiness West to reach the planned performance and sign documents on the acceptance of the equipment with all suppliers.

The fire, which occurred June 11, 2010, completely burnt out industrial building factory with a cross in it equipment, raw materials and products owned by LLC "Concordia". The cause of fire was the emergency operation in the area of power supply.

According to the president of APH "Agribusiness" Viktor Linnik, the start of production in the Kaliningrad plant and resumption of supply of chicken nuggets with this plant expects McDonalds, including in the long term — to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and possibly Poland / McDonalds previously been addressed " Agribusiness "on the supply of these products in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia /.

In addition to chicken nuggets, McDonalds is interested in supplying high-quality beef in the framework of the project, which is developing "Agribusiness". The parties are negotiating on the subject, said Viktor Linnik. "I’m sure we will be selling beef for McDonalds", — he noted. According to him, produced "Agribusiness" high-quality beef will be of interest to many companies, including the operator in the segment of chain restaurants "Rosinter" and Burger King.


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