Onega shipyard spent bookmark ship project 02780


On the "Onega Shipyard" (Rep. of Karelia) was a solemn event — the keel of new offshore buoy laying vessels of 02780, with the following main characteristics: DWT: 21.2 / 15.9 tons, length — 21,40 m, width — 6 60 m, depth — 2.45 m, thickness of main engines — 2h280 kW.

The vessel is intended for maintenance of navigation aids-Vysotsky port of Vyborg district, Arkhangelsk and occasionally Port Onega and Mezen in the period from May to October, with the possibility of swimming in the rare ice thickness up to 0.7 m with a maximum distance of 50 miles from harbors and landing embarking and disembarking pilots, depth soundings.

Architectural and Structural Type — Monohull double-screw vessel with a long forecastle and forward single-tiered deck house with a larger glazed, mid-engine room (MoD) and the working deck equipped with a hydraulic crane for lifting and transportation of floating navigational aids.
The ship is designed to meet Class Maritime Register of Shipping.

This order is important for the plant as the experience of working with federal agencies, downloading of an enterprise and the creation of new jobs from the perspective of a series of such courts.

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