Onega Tractor: Today and tomorrow


LLC "Onega Tractor Plant" — one of the oldest companies in Russia. It was founded in 1703 by decree of Peter I as a weapon and the cast and gave the name of the current capital of the Republic of Karelia — Petrozavodsk city.

In 1956, according to the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the company has become a leading manufacturer of special machines for the logging industry. Since then, the HTA (now part of the concern "Tractor Plants") has produced more than 190,000 different types of skidders.


Today the staff working at the plant is 175 people, is a lot of work on development of the second industrial site. If in 2010 the HTA produced 59 pieces of equipment, the 2011 edition is scheduled 130 tractors, with the production capacity of the plant will be able to produce up to 300 tractors.


At present, the main products of the factory are skidders "Onezhets" 300 series, designed for whiplash method of logging. Due to the fall in demand for these machines factory has developed special new version of the old chassis, which can be equipped with a firefighter, or kustonarezatelnym drilling equipment. Demand for these modifications is sufficiently high. Significantly improve the performance of tractors and chassis "Onezhets" will help hydromechanical transmission, which will soon start delivering Kurgan. Use of automatic transmission will facilitate the management of vehicles, making them better flotation in the woods, in the snow, wetlands and other non-cohesive soils. Motors when working with these transmissions have more resources to repair and less fuel consumption.

In addition, the plant is considered the organization of repair facilities for railroad cars. As for the logging equipment, in Petrozavodsk for harvesters collected by Danish technology and engineering study is a completely new machine for harvesting in the Canadian process characterized by whiplash and CTL, traditionally used in Russia.

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