ONIIP announced the start of serial production of domestic TETRA-equipment

Yesterday at Russia’s largest international forum Professional & critical communications’2012 Omsk Research Institute of Instrument (ONIIP) announced the mass production of domestic TETRA-equipment. The first users of Omsk TETRA-systems can become vessels of the Russian merchant marine.

On this forum ComNews "Professional mobile corporate and departmental communication — Professional & critical communications’2012" said the head of the department of civil products "Omsk Research Institute of Instrument" Constantine Cartridges.


The complex is home equipment open European digital standard of professional mobile radio (PMR) TETRA base station includes a BS-500 running IP-based and portable user terminals "Amber-N". BS-500 is designed to build a TETRA networks in the frequency range 386-486 MHz with access to external networks and the ability to multi-site operation without the switch. This year ONIIP produced the first batch of 25 TETRA base stations, and began production of another 50 sets of equipment.
The first customers of the Omsk TETRA-equipment company, according to Constantine Patronova will be the large vessels of the Russian merchant fleet. 

He recalled that Russia has signed a number of conventions, agreements, codes and recommendations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to increase the reliability and safety of navigation in international trade and the prevention of marine pollution from ships. Some of them are for the connection, and recognized as the main TETRA PMR standard IMO. All frequency questions on ships, thus not governed by Russian and international regulations. Because "damn" frequency issue does not affect the marine TETRA. In addition, the emission of a local ship PMR systems must be contained within the vessel.

 "Russian Trading fleet includes about 220 large vessels. According to the rules of IMO on board in addition to regular PMR system should be set similar to the backup. Hence, this segment only in Russia is at least 440 base stations TETRA", — shared the information with the reporter ComNews Constantine cartridges.
Tests BS-500 on one of these ships, with a note in Novorossiysk successfully completed. This equipment has been certified by the Ministry of Industry Research Institute subordinated "Course" and, in particular, it is recommended to equip the ships on the program of modernization of the Russian Navy. According to the head of the escort service and TETRA systems ONIIP Alexander Estifeeva, TETRA-tested equipment as for the protection in Omsk Department of Penitentiary and in Yakutia — for use in automatic control of heavy mining trucks.

Omsk TETRA equipment developed in cooperation with foreign companies, but the degree of localization of production, including software, according to ONIIP, is now around 80%, and next year the equipment will be fully localized. Last year ONIIP, part of Concern "Orion", has signed a contract on the transfer of TETRA-tech with the German manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz. In cooperation with German colleagues ONIIP developed its own documentation for the equipment, has spent the Russification of all interfaces, training and certification of providers and began sample production and certification of products, and the development of wearable user terminals standard TETRA. In the current year, 2012, the, year ONIIP plans to manufacture prototypes and to certify Russian subscriber TETRA-radio "Amber-N".

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