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not finding a suitable topic for publication, decided to publish a personal blog.

The purpose of publishing — an attempt to draw attention to articles about Russia in the foreign media, because not everything that they write about us, is "… the guts, brains scattered, hell, Saughton, Pussirayots and Putin bare-chested …" =) 

and, in my opinion, it is at least useful to know what you think of "neighbors" =)

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Opel has badly hit by the debt crisis in the eurozone. Result: falling sales, the loss of millions of dollars, reducing the work shift. Fast-growing Russian market is becoming increasingly important for professionals from Rüsselsheim. 



Faced with the crisis of sales in Western Europe, Opel is betting on the rapidly growing Russian market. "From January to July 2012 we have grown by 29%. This is two times faster than the average performance of the market — said on Wednesday at the Moscow International Motor Show in charge of the sale of Opel board member Rick Alfred (Alfred E. Riek). — This year we will sell in Russia for more than 80 000 vehicles. "

In the circles of concern, these figures are considered to be rather conservative. In 2011, Opel sold to Russia 67,600 cars. For comparison, the same figure as market leader Volkswagen Group reached 229,000. Overall sales of Opel and its sister company Vauxhall last year reached the mark of 1.2 million cars. But then sales have fallen, and in Europe in the first half of the year, Opel / Vauxhall together lost nearly 15%. "While the markets in southern Europe are reduced, the prospects for Russia continue to remain stable. It helps us to offset reduced sales in Italy, France and Spain, "- said Rick.

In the future, Opel expects to more fully utilize their potential in Russia, Rick added and announced the beginning of the offensive on the Russian market. In addition, the range of the second-largest car market in Europe will be expanded, especially in fast-growing sectors such as sedans and small SUV (sports utility vehicle). "Already this year we will bring to market a sedan Astra, as well as crossover Mokka», — added Rick.

In the near future, this company with a zipper on the logo will bet on the car Astra, which is the most successful model in the Russian market. Already in September, Russian dealers will receive a new sedan Astra. Opel is present in Russia since 1991, and a year later, along with the U.S. parent company General Motors opened a representative office in the country.

As early as June of this year, concern Opel, which sells more cars in Russia Cadillac and Chevrolet, started to expand production at its plant in St. Petersburg. Instead of currently shipping 98,000 cars in 2015, with its production line will come down to 230,000 machines — in addition to Chevrolet, the Russian market will be produced and Opel models such as the new sedan Astra.

According to the automobile union VDA, the Russian automobile market in the first seven months of 2012 increased by approximately 14%, and only sold 1.67 million cars. In 2011, sales in Russia increased by 30% to 2.6 million vehicles. According to weather experts of Adam Opel AG, Russia in 2014 with 3.4 million new registrations may overtake Germany to become a major market in Europe. 

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