Open a business incubator Kuzbass Technopark


The Governor of Kuzbass Aman Tuleev and Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of Russia Igor Shchegolev opened the first large object Kuzbass Technopark — business incubators area of over 11 thousand square meters. meters.
The minister responsible for the development of innovation infrastructure in the country, to determine the direction of industrial park in the Kuzbass region as a center of "green" technologies, — waste management, energy conservation and energy efficiency.

Indeed most of the projects that have been presented to the Governor of Kuzbass and the Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the newly established business incubators, was related to the processing of waste coal, coal-fired power plants, ore, the processing of waste and tires, with the cleaning of industrial oils and waste water , with energy-saving, production of coalbed methane, with the production of energy-saving and cleaning materials.

Aman Tuleyev said that the development of the industrial park as a whole in the years 20082010. was invested 300 million rubles of federal and regional funds, which allowed the development of the master plan construction sites, engineering projects and electricity networks, to build a 8.7 megawatt electrical substation (this power is enough for all of the objects of industrial park) and business incubators.
This is where the industrial park will provide various assistance to innovative enterprises — through reduced rent (250 rubles a month for 1 square. Meter in the first year, 350 rubles — for the second and 500 — in the third) of office space or jobs (400 rubles for a place in the month).

In the short term — the construction of a technology park in 2011-2014. opytnoproizvodstvennyh three more buildings and technology transfer center, what is planned to RUB 1.7 billion joint federal and regional investment. In the industrial park is expected to attract 30 innovative companies with 400 million rubles of its own investments, which will create 150 new jobs.

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