Open discussion of the concept of NIS

Russian national innovation system as a system of open innovation.

conceptVersion of August 25, 2013
Developer: Udovichenko MS, Udovichenko AS,


  1. Search for talented people.
  2. Search and assistance in the practical implementation of new (including breakthrough) ideas.
  3. Search and assistance in entering the level of independence for innovative projects, businesses and start-up’am.
  4. The reduction of one point talent, ideas and their corresponding tasks / projects.

For this reason, the functioning of the NIS can be divided intothree directions:

  1. Search People
  2. Search Ideas
  3. Search Project.

the full text of the concept can be downloadedHERE
We should be grateful for the smart comments from the SW. Marat and Alexei Udovichenko.

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