Open Kamchatka Regional Vascular Center

A breakthrough in health care Kamchatka called the opening of a regional vascular center Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin after visiting the hospital.

 As reported in the government of Kamchatka, the head of the region familiarized himself with the unique medical equipment, talked to doctors and patients who have had surgery or was examined.

As the center’s specialists assured, if earlier for passing examinations or surgery beyond the limits of Kamchatka — a vascular centers located in Khabarovsk and Novosibirsk — went to 800 inhabitants of the peninsula, now this figure should be significantly reduced: most operations can be operated by the base of the Kamchatka regional vascular center. This is, first of all, will significantly increase the efficiency of the provision of medical care.

"There is the concept of" golden hour "during which the patient is necessary to deliver first aid — said Vladimir Ilyukhin. — Imagine: people who are in a serious condition, they need to go somewhere to move. And here we can do it all in place. "

Regional Vascular Center was officially opened on July 1, but the first operation, including the heart, held in June. For the first time in Kamchatka patient underwent coronary angiography — X-ray contrast method of research, which is the most accurate and reliable way to diagnose coronary artery disease.

As "FederalPress.Dalny East"The creation of a vascular center took about 9 months. During that time, was renovated premises, installation and commissioning of modern diagnostic equipment, including such expensive as spiral computer tomography and angiography complex. To purchase equipment for the RIC in the years 2012-2013 was spent around 145.5 million rubles, including from the federal budget — 109.9 million rubles. Purchased 267 pieces of equipment, including equipment for the early neuro-rehabilitation of patients with acute ischemic stroke (stroke, etc.). The repair and training facilities RIC spent more than 80 million rubles. The total amount of cash allocated to the establishment of a regional vascular center in the Kamchatka region exceeded 240 million rubles.


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