Open letter to President Putin of the American pastor Scott Lively

August 30, 2013
President Vladimir Putin
The Russian Federation
23, st. Ilyinka
Moscow, 103123, Russia

Dear Mr. President,
On behalf of millions of Americans and Canadians are concerned about the spread of homosexuality in our countries and at the international level, which seems unstoppable, I would like to respectfully express my heartfelt gratitude for the fact that your people has taken a firm and unequivocal stand against this scourge, prohibiting in Russia the promotion of homosexuality. You have revealed an example of moral leadership to shame the governments of Western Europe and North America, and inspired people around the world. Lithuania, Moldova, Hungary and Ukraine have already begun to follow the example of your integrity, and you have given the international movement profamily real hope that, in the end, we will be able to put an end to this destructive and dehumanizing sexual campaigns around the world.

As one of the most experienced leaders profamily movement, who came to your country in 2006 and 2007. and that which is behind the policies that you make, I want to warn you — do not assume that you are completely solved the problem of the introduction of the Act. Battle aimed at protecting society from your gomoseksuaizatsii just started, and you will be surprised in the coming months and years how aggressively many world leaders will act to intimidate and force you to capitulate to the demands of homosexuals.

Few political movements in the history of mankind showed such tenacity and determination as the homosexual movement. Its activists often relentless militancy and zeal in promoting their own selfish interests, comparable only with the determination of the most fanatical religious cults. Light on what spirit is behind this movement throws the Bible, Genesis. 19, 4-11.

In just fifty years, this marginal group, which covers only 2% of the population, showing great strength of will and acting through deterrence, gained more influence in the legislatures and courts of the Western world than the Christian Church. Sexual behavior that indicates these people and this move was almost universally prohibited by law in the years when our nations fought together against the threat of Nazism. However, slightly more than half a century later, the leaders of homosexuals and their supporters hold a majority of positions of power in all western countries, as well as increase its influence in the east and in the developing countries.

To your society was ready to recognize the efforts of the militant homosexual movement and confront them, it is important to realize that his outreach policy almost always relies on the assertion that any disapproval of homosexuality leads inevitably to hatred, violence and murder of homosexuals. All progomoseksualnye approaches in the U.S. and Europe rely on this unspoken and no one has disputed, but on anything not worth the argument. Thus, the homosexual movement seeks not only to tolerance or acceptance, but for political power and control. They want to eliminate any in your society’s disapproval of homosexuality and force every citizen (especially young people) to believe that homosexual behavior is a good and normal.

They are asking for a place under the sun, but when they get it, they forget about all those social ideals, who exploited to get it, such as tolerance, freedom of expression and respect for cultural diversity. Instead, they entered the opposite, forcibly encouraged by top morality and ideology, which condemn any disapproval of homosexuality and are novoizmyshlennym kind of fanaticism. I call this phenomenon "gomofashizmom" and define it as extremely regressive left radicalism, seeking to establish strict authoritarian control over public discourse and public policy with regard to sexual norms. It seeks to impose on those who do not agree with him because of his beliefs, punitive measures by which to be punished or suppressed any disapproval of homosexuality and the like sexual behavior (which is, of course, although this is denied, quickly lead to sexual indoctrination and exploitation of children).

In the coming months and years, Russia and her people to a heightened emotionality and offensive exaggerations portrayed as bigoted haters, eager to exterminate homosexuals. The propaganda campaign on this subject has already begun — the video clip showing Russian neo-Nazis who beat gay, distributed on the internet, accompanied by false claims that it is the goal of your policy. The same propaganda machine and the methodology used against Uganda in 2009, the year in this country has been proposed (but not adopted) bill against homosexuality, which, I agree, was too harsh, but that does not mean the part of the Ugandan government intentions to eradicate homosexuals — and that’s what still claim "gay" activists and their allies in the press.

In fact, the rhetoric of "gay", which equates homosexuality resistance to genocide, like the Nazi — is, in part, an attempt to hide the ugly roots of the current movement of gay dating back to prednatsistskoy Germany. German fascism was created and promoted by gay men, focused on the male model of homosexuality as a reaction to the "effeminate" model of homosexuality, in which it was believed that gay men — are female soul enclosed in a male bodies. Beginning in the 1860s. "Femy" followers of the forefather of the gay rights movement, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, created in Germany a powerful social and political movement aimed at the abolition of the laws against sodomy.

Offended by the fact that male homosexuality is constantly described as femineity focused on the male image of "Buchi" created their own movement based on a philosophy of man’s worship of the military beginning, symbolized by ancient Sparta. These were the first German fascists, and from their ranks came first korichnevorubashechnye protagonists of the First World War, and later the Nazi Party. This fact is documented in detail in my book "The blue swastika: homosexuality in the Nazi Party"I wrote in 1995, together with the scientist Kevin E. Abrams.

By this cover letter I am attaching a copy of the "Blue Swastika" (fourth edition), in English, with my and my co-author autographs (Chapter 1, Chapter 2). Soon to be completed long process of publishing the book in Russian, and we promise that devote Russian edition of "Blue swastika" to the government of Russia and its people. We would be honored to send you a copy of the first Russian edition.

Once again, thank you, Mr. President, for you stand firm on the protection of the natural family, which is the essential foundation of all human civilization. Perhaps because of the example of your leadership, united people of good will in our community and your country will again be able joint efforts to protect the future of mankind from the fascist Leviathan, as we have already done this during the Second World War.

Pastor Scott Lively, Doctor of Law and Doctor of Theology

Defend the Family International
PO Box 2373
Springfield, MA 01101 USA

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