Open Research Center of Health of JSC Russian Railways

In August, Moscow hosted the official opening of the building, which will house Research and Clinical Center (NCC) — the first in the world Medical Research Center for the development of high technology on the production and transport of medicine.

"This is a unique institution for the global healthcare practice. Here, in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Medical Sciences will be fundamental scientific medical research applied orientation. The center will be generated as new to science ideas protect the health of employees working in specific natural and man-made conditions, and are testing new medical technologies with a view to early implementation in practical activities of railway hospitals, " — The president of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin.

NCC includes placing Clinic high-tech center with 210 beds, an industry center psychophysiology of labor, and magneto meteopatologii center and educational building, where the railway department of medicine RAPS, instrumental diagnostics RNIMU the NI Pirogov and laboratory telemedicine.

Educational direction — one of the key activities in the NCC.
"We pay very close attention to the training of physicians on the latest technologies postgraduate education. The key problem of modern medicine — is the timely introduction of already tested, proven technology in the practice of physicians’ — Said the scientific director of the Centre, Vice-President of OAO "Russian Railways", Professor Oleg Atkov.

Thorough medical screening and health maintenance workers involved in the production process — one of the conditions of transport security in JSC "Russian Railways", the center will address industry challenges by developing methods for extending the professional longevity, protection from the negative effects of geomagnetic and meteorological factors, to study medicine from the point of view of safe use machinists and persons operator occupations.

Objective of the center is also the co-ordination of research activities with the Russian Academy of Sciences and the 245 staff of medical institutions of higher education and research institutions based in railway hospitals. There already is an active collaboration with leading academic medical centers in Europe and the United States.

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