Open Technologies: domestic hybrid supercomputers


February 24th the company Open Technologies, Russian systems integrator, at a special press conference introduced a compact high-performance hybrid computing systems (supercomputers), developed in partnership with companies NextIO and nVidia.

"The company "Open Technologies" been working in the field of high performance computing, regularly monitors the most current technological trends in this direction, — said in his speech Sergey Kalin, president of Open Technologies. — Develop custom solutions based on hybrid GPU-technology was the next logical step for our business and has allowed the company to complement its product portfolio with modern high-performance computing systems. "

For more details about the features of the new solutions sales manager said, "Open Technologies" Grigory Shevchenko. He began with a story about "Open Technologies": The company was founded in 1994 and employs more than 500 employees, 9 branches in Russia, has offices in Belarus, Uzbekistan and Switzerland.

Mr. Shevchenko said that the features of traditional supercomputers — the high cost, the need for special training of the server room and specialized engineering solutions to ensure the working conditions, the installation is carried out by trained personnel only. The supercomputer is a lot of space, consumes a lot of electricity, is rapidly becoming obsolete and expensive to maintain.

The traditional problem for supercomputers — is the development of drugs in the design of gas dynamics, oil and gas exploration, seismic data processing, medical imaging CT and MRI, astrophysics and the origin of the universe, finance and stock market trading, the design of antennas and weather forecasting.

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