Open to traffic on the right overpass Komsomol prospectus SEAD Moscow

Running traffic on the viaduct right Komsomolsk prospectus around Nekrasovka SEAD Moscow. Construction of the Komsomol prospectus, linking neighborhoods residential development Lyuberetskiy Nekrasovka fields near the town of Lyubertsy Moscow region began in June 2010. Driving on the left overpass Komsomol prospectus was launched in November 2011.

Built facility will improve the accessibility area, opening out of the Nekrasovka at Ryazan highway.

Currently part of Komsomolsk prospectus has yet to finish in the Moscow region. The total length of the roadway section under construction Komsomolsk prospectus is 1737 m Full transport effect of the completed project will be felt after the completion of the section of the road from the existing flyover towards Lyubertsy. The construction of this facility is the Moscow region. According to preliminary calculations, it will be completed in the IV quarter of 2012.

According to the head of the Department of Development of Moscow A.Bochkareva after joining the district in Moscow, it was decided to rename the Komsomol prospectus prospectus Defenders of Moscow. The mailing address will be given after the completion of the project.

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