Opened first in the Moscow region’s official Building The Garden

In the neighborhood, "Bogorodskiy" near Moscow Shchelkova was inaugurated a new children‘s garden. This institution was the first in the region officially operating under the federal project "Building Garden" — the flagship project of public-private partnership in the field of early childhood education.

New kindergarten, called "Filippok" built a group of companies "Renova Stroy" in the integrated development of the district, so the pre-emptive right for permits for their children got exactly the residents’ Bogorodskii. "

All 6 groups of students have already been formed and immediately after the holidays, November 6, preschool hospitably opens its doors to the 115 kids, including 70 — young people "Bogorodskii."  

Kindergarten "Filippok" will operate within the framework of public-private partnership, which guarantees parents substantial financial assistance, in particular the regional government subsidies amount to 20,000 rubles per month per child.

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