Opened half a kilometer bridge over the river Kamchatka

On the 168th kilometer of the road Milkovo — Keys — Ust-Kamchatsky openly through traffic on the bridge crossing the river Kamchatka. The grand event took place on Saturday, July 7.

Until now, when traveling from the village of Keys to the south of the peninsula people had to take into account the mode of operation of ferry crossings where the barge plied only in the daytime, and in the spring and fall, during freeze-up and break-up, the residents of Ust-Kamchatsky district and all remained cut off from the outside world. A break in the transport message was up to 3 months.

Bridge over the largest river of the peninsula is designed for 8-magnitude earthquake. During construction used elastic coating made of a polymer constituting a thickness of 1.5 cm is possible to considerably reduce the fixed axle load and save up to 15% of the metal and, consequently, reduce the cost of the project.

The bridge over the river Kamchatka — 4th bridge in Russia, built on such technology, the Far East, it has no analogues. In addition, it is the longest bridge in the province. Its length is 445 meters. The cost of construction was about 2 billion rubles. In the history of road construction on the Kamchatka bridges of this class were built.

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