Opened in Kaliningrad Children’s Consultative Diagnostic Center

June 28 opened a consultative and diagnostic center in the regional children‘s hospital, located in the totally renovated building of the former medical unit number 1 ("Fishermen’s Hospital").

On the first floor are equipped with modern scanners — computer and magnetic resonance. Their total cost — 127 million rubles. Diagnostician said that modern equipment allows for a variety of examinations, including blood vessels and the heart, which he had in pediatric medicine in the region were not, and the youngest patients had to send the survey to the metropolitan centers.

As the head physician APP Stanislav Maltsev, here will come only in the direction of the clinics in the community and other health facilities.

"There will be consultations with doctors narrow specialties, additional diagnostics and examination of patients, analysis of complex cases. All of that with which others can not cope," — said Maltsev.

Looked quite exotic device for measuring the heart rate. Sensors hung like a man pedaling a stationary bike, heart rates automatically displayed on monitors.

"Even in St. Petersburg no such thing" — told doctors.

With the advent of a new clinic at Children‘s housewarming Regional Hospital has not ended. In the future, the overhaul of the building of the former "hospital fishermen" will continue, and there will house the surgical department. Work will be performed in the framework of the Federal Program of development of the region, as well as through savings in the course of the auction, the program funds the development of regional health services. 

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