Opened in Karelia in Russia’s largest plant for the production of oriented strand board

In Petrozavodsk, Russia’s largest open plant OSB-plates. It will sell products at prices that are 20% -30% lower than in the west.

  • Finished products of the new plant
  • Finished products of the new plant

In the first phase MLC "Kalevala" will produce 250-350 thousand cubic meters of slabs per year, and after the start of the second stage of the enterprise — 550-600 thousand cubic meters.

The plant OSB-boards became the first implemented on the territory of Karelia Development projects from among those who have received priority status in forest development. Its cost is estimated at 8 billion rubles.

"For our city — it’s a great event — said at the launching ceremony the head of the enterprise capital of Karelia Nikolay Levin. — This is the second-largest plant after Petrozavodsk opened "Petrozavodskmash." This enterprise since that time in the city did not open. We want to see these projects in our city became more and more. I remember three years ago, the Day of the city, we laid the foundation stone of this plant. Now we see that the factory works, the plant grows, and we are confident that there will be a second line and maybe another plant. "

For the record:

The total investment in the construction of the first stage was about 187 million euros. Of these, 140 million — loan funds provided by the Czech Export Bank and 47 million — investments, ZAO "Compact" from St. Petersburg.

MLC "Kalevala" the first major manufacturer of OSB in Russia. In 2012, production began on the OSB plant Novovyatsky ski in the Kirov region (a stated capacity — 100 thousand cubic meters, but the plant is currently produced much less), as well as Hillman OSB plant in the Vladimir region (the declared capacity — 30 thousand cubic meters).

The number of employees is about 300 people, and with the introduction of the second phase of their number will increase.

The need for the first phase of the company — 600,000 cubic meters of wood, with the opening of the second phase will increase to 1 million cubic meters.

Construction MLC "Kalevala" began in June 2010.

The plant is located on the territory of 42 hectares.

The main equipment supplied by the German company Siempelkamp, which has extensive experience in implementing OSB-projects around the world. On the "Kalevala" is set press a length of 50 meters, which is working on the technology of continuous pressing.

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) — is oriented flat plate with chips. The material is a product of deep processing of high-quality softwood timber by pressing on a special multi-tiered media under high pressure and high temperature rectangular plane Shchepov, gluing with the addition of phenol-urea-formaldehyde resin and water-resistant wax emulsion. In the manufacturing process turns eco-friendly and highly uniform material.


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