Opened in Kazan Agroprompark

In Kazan began full operation Agroprompark. Agroprompark — a technological complex, aimed at the development of small and medium enterprises in the agricultural sector of the country. It is located on the area of 8.5 hectares, the area of the main building is 54,000 square meters.

Usable area is 13.8 thousand square meters, the complex also provides storage space, Veterinary Laboratory, a cafe, a hotel with 38 rooms and production facilities for the processing of agricultural products. Now Agropromparke sell their products 257 residents already a bakery shop, is set to launch workshop for processing of meat products.

By order of the President of Tatarstan Agropromparke can sell their products only are agricultural producers or consumers’ cooperatives villagers, not intermediaries.

The cost of building and equipping the complex to date amounted to 2.4 billion rubles allocated from the federal and republican budgets. Director of GAC "Agroprompark" Oleg Vlasov said that the rent in the new complex is about half the size of similar in other markets Kazan. In particular, retail space with a showcase to villagers in costs 12,000 rubles per month, this amount includes all payments.  

A couple of months ago there was a TV story about Agropromparke:…-rossii—v-tatarstane/ 

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