Opened in Ufa multipurpose center providing gos.uslug

  Opened in Ufa headquarters RGAU multifunctional center of public and municipal services at street Novomostovaya, 8.

   MFC — a single point of reception, registration and issuance of documents to citizens and legal entities engaged in the organization of public and municipal services on the principle of "one window". For services received at the center should come only twice: to write an application and submit the required documents by the legislation, and then get the necessary document or result. All necessary approvals and permits various structures MFC workers gather themselves in the interdepartmental interaction.



This eliminates the direct contact between the applicant and the official of the state or municipal body which carries out the provision of services. This should eliminate red tape and corruption in government, reduce the term of the agreement, receipt of the documents. As a result, citizens will not have to run around the chain of command to obtain various certificates, the only exception was for the documents necessary and required services that the applicants should receive their own.

At the Head Office will be provided to more than 60 services, including municipal, in the area of social support, entrepreneurship, employment, land and property relations and others. In MFC, for example, will help to give a variety of information, to issue targeted social assistance, housing and utility subsidies.

Provision of state and municipal services based on MFC is free of charge, but under the laws of the Russian Federation government fees and taxes paid by the applicant.

The center offers several payment options: Works office, area ATMs and payment terminals. Is an electronic queue and electronic documents.

The central office is open from eight in the morning until eight o’clock at night, without a break for lunch, Sunday — closed.

In 2012, the IFC plans to open branches in cities Kumertau Sterlitamak Neftekamsk October, Belebei, as well as offices in the village Priyutovo.

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