Opened its first factory in Russia for the production of protein-vitamin supplements for agriculture

In the Ulyanovsk region in Russia opened its first manufacturing plant protein and vitamin supplements for agriculture.

The plant feed additives "Kavikorm — Lebyazhe" is based on domestic innovation of energy efficient technologies "Cavikorm ®", which will allow for waste processing spent grain, yeast, distillery dregs into valuable protein-vitamin feed concentrates. Production of the plant has no domestic analogues.

Russia’s first recycling plant food production in feed concentrates to produce more than 25,000 tons of environmentally friendly products. The technology used is "Kavikorm" will allow to process in protein and vitamin feed the organic waste of regional enterprises and livestock enterprises need to close the Ulyanovsk region in the feed protein.

It is planned that the plant feed concentrates "Kavikorm-Lebyazhe" will reach its design capacity — 25 thousand tons a year — in the first quarter of 2012, two years performance index should rise to double. The next year, is scheduled for launch line biofermentirovaniya raw materials (compost) to improve the quality of feed additives, and in 2013 — the line for the production of grass meal.

Investment in the project in the first phase was about 75 million rubles, created 54 new jobs with an average monthly salary of 25-30 thousand rubles.

Governor Sergei Morozov expressed his gratitude to the investors and initiators of the project — the representatives of JSC "VTB Capital Asset Management" and the company’s management "Kavikorm" — for the successful implementation of the project.

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