Opened new fire stations. Mini-Review

The building was constructed by the type of production and technology center and is designed for four out of fire trucks. In the fire station will be located Specialized training base, consisting of heat and dymokamery and training tower, necessary for developing the strength and dexterity in the fire department.
As described in the Department of Civil Protection of Primorsky Krai, the construction of a new depot will enable firefighters arriving on the scene in the standard time, which will help avoid tragedies. In addition, staff will be increased by the fire department to 45 people. It is planned that the new depot will ensure fire safety is not only a border village, but also the surrounding communities.
The new depot has acquired three off-roader, the new semnadtsatimetrovye ladder to extinguish the five-story buildings.

The gala opening of the new fire station was attended by Vice-Governor of the Primorsky Territory, First Deputy Chief of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Primorsky Colonel Oleg Shekhovtsev.
In Primorye realized marginal long-term target program "Fire safety in 2013 — 2017 years." The main objective of the program — the establishment and maintenance of necessary conditions for improving the fire safety facilities, protection of life and health of the population, reduce material losses from fires, as well as increased strength and readiness of the fire service.

For example, from 2013 to 2017, the region plans to build 25 new fire stations and regional training point for firefighters. In 128 settlements will open fire departments.

Also as part of the planned development of a system for public notification and process automation prevention of emergency situations. This upgrade will make notification in 34 municipalities — simultaneously or selectively, as well as reduce the time informing the public about the fire up to 3-5 minutes.

In general, a set of measures designed to reduce the number of fires at the facilities of the economy and the settlements on the edge of 10 percent to create the necessary conditions for the successful evacuation during fires.

In Obukhov opened a new fire station.
June 27 at Urban Settlement Obuhovo Noginsk district opened the new building of the fire station number 242 Noginskogo Territorial Administration CCU MO "Mosoblpozhspas."

The opening of the fire station was part of the task of fire protection, illuminated in the program Acting Governor of Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov "Our suburbs. Priorities for Development ", as well as to the long-term target program" Provision of life of the population of Moscow Region for 2013-2015 ".

Employees of the oldest in the Moscow region firehouse been waiting for this momentous event. The new fire station they will be nice and convenient to operate, improve living conditions, a spacious garage will contain new kinds of fire-fighting vehicles, comfortable room will comfortably accommodate workers on duty guards.

Firefighters and fire management of the number 242 congratulated representatives of city and district administrations, management Mosoblpozhspasa they handed the chief of the fire Vsevolod Isavnin symbolic key to the building of a new fire station and valuable gifts that will make the stay of fire in the workplace more comfortable.

In Kolomna district opened a new fire station

Residents of two dozen villages of rural settlement Zaprudnenskoe no longer afraid of the hot summer is fabricated opened fire department.

All funds for the construction and equipping of the object was allocated from the regional budget. The only thing I had to do the local authorities — is to prepare the foundation of the building, take the necessary communications and equip the territory.

The new fire station will serve 19 communities. And keep watch will not only professional squad, but also volunteers. The plans Kolomenskiye authorities this year to build two more pre-fabricated module in rural areas and Nepetsinskoe Provodnikovskoe.

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