Opened the aviation school of Aeroflot

The office complex JSC "Aeroflot" Melkisarovo in the opening Aeroflot Aviation School.
This is — one of the key projects that the largest Russian airline deals recently.
Aeroflot Aviation School is a private educational institution created for the benefit of both the JSC "Aeroflot" and Russian civil aviation as a whole. The basic principle of the project — an effective partnership between business and government in the task of national importance.
The new institution will provide training for 120 aviation specialties. Flight school is primarily intended to make up for the shortage of flight training, which is experiencing all of Russia’s air transport industry.
Granted to persons 35 years of age, have a higher aeronautical technical or technical education. Pilot training course consists of two phases:
— Stage 1 — Training for 1.5 years in the Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School for additional professional education in "flight operation of aircraft";
— Stage 2 — training for 6 months in Aeroflot Aviation School on a contract basis to obtain the commercial pilot CPL (MPL).
Flight school uses the latest techniques and equipment.
One of its main advantages — that it is immediately ready for pilot work on a specific aircraft type (currently on the A320, and in the long term and others, including the Sukhoi SuperJet-100).
The school will also provide initial training for flight attendants.
The planned volume of production — 160 pilots (80 crews) in a year. Over time, students will be trained not only for Aeroflot, but also for other companies.

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