Opened the first football field with artificial turf in the Arctic Circle

In the area of Norilsk Talnah opened the first football field with artificial turf in the Arctic Circle.


The lawn is laid in the stadium "Sun" in the reconstruction of the object. Its dimensions are 110h66 m, which corresponds to the standard fields for the "big" football. Coverage purchased with funds provided by the federal program "The development of football in the Russian Federation for 2008-2015.".


At the moment, already works on the construction of football field with artificial turf, basketball and volleyball courts, as well as set the stands on 314 seats and the works on the outdoor lighting using energy-saving lamps and spotlights. The work on the arrangement of treadmills coated "masterfayber."
The second football field with artificial turf will appear in Norilsk at the stadium "Zapolyarnik" at the expense of "MMC" Norilsk Nickel ".

Within the past two months in the Krasnoyarsk region appears eight football fields with artificial turf.

Five football lawns purchased as part of the development of football club "Yenisei":

Krasnoyarsk — the stadium "Dawn" — 104h67 m, lint — 60 mm

Krasnoyarsk — sports ground school № 6 — 90×60 m, lint — 55 mm

Zheleznogorsk — the stadium "Trud" — 104h69 m, lint — 60 mm

Lesosibirsk — art. "Work" — 110h70 m, lint — 50 mm

Sosnovoborsk — art. "Torpedo" — 104h67 m, lint — 50 mm

In addition, the new lawn gained from extra-budgetary sources, the bed is in the stadium at the Medical University (104h67 m, lint — 60 mm).

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