Opening ceremony of Nyagan GRES

N’yaganskaya power plant — the largest energy facility in the northern latitudes, not only Russia, but also in the world. The investment amounted to more than 60 billion rubles. The first unit of Nyagan GRES 420.9 MW was launched in April 2013. Start of the second unit is scheduled to end in 2013, and the third — by the end of 2014. The total capacity of the plant is 1 million 260 MW.

Power complex built Russian-Finnish energy concern "Fortum". With the new plant will create 300 high-performance workplaces. At least 1 billion of taxes in the year will come in the budget of the Russian Federation. 

The head of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Natalia Komarova rewarded employees Nyaganskaya TPP. For example, the governor of the Autonomous Okrug votes were awarded to: Deputy Chief Engineer for the maintenance of mechanical equipment Alexei Rossinsky, deputy chief operating engineer Michael Nelyubin, Director of the Directorate of building a single power plant, Honored Power Engineer of the Russian Federation Oleg Polyantsev, Head of Supervision of installation of mechanical equipment, Vladimir Drobot, and former Deputy Director for Capital Construction Naganskoy TPP Dmitry Baskakov.

Certificate of Merit awarded by the regional Duma was the chief accountant of Nyagan GRES Julia Antonova, a thank you letter from the Chairman of the Duma received a lead economist Julia Biserova enterprise.


What place will N’yaganskaya power plant in the Russian energy sector?

Alexander Novak (Minister of Energy of Russia) N’yaganskaya power plant — the most modern plant, the most economical, with the most modern equipment is used, and, of course, the commissioning of the first unit will increase the security of energy supply regions of Western Siberia, will increase opportunities for connection of new consumers, particularly energy-intensive industries. I believe the entry of such equipment — a positive effect for the electric power industry as a whole can improve the reliability of power supply of the Russian Federation. We have a common power grid, respectively, it gives the opportunity not only for those consumers who are close to Nyaganskaya power plant, but in general the whole system of Russia.

What is the social impact of Yugra can expect from the commissioning of the power plant Nyaganskaya?

Natalia Komarova (Governor of Yugra): I will focus very briefly on the answer. But it is very important for the Ugra because every word, every fact that I will have a huge effect, and even, perhaps, of great importance. So this is 300 jobs for highly skilled employees. At least another 200 people will somehow be involved in outsourcing to Nyagan GRES for whatever works. This is at least 1 billion a year of tax deductions to the budget system. And this is an example of the correct approach to the implementation of technologically complex projects. Because we are talking about the environmental, energy-efficient design, aspiring for sustainable development. During construction, we had a very close partnership, which concerned not only, in fact, the construction site, but also in the life of Yugra. Today we are looking at the possibility, at least, we have already matured social proposals Nyaganskaya TPP participation in the project, which will focus on the development of children’s sports in Yugra.…-simvol-yugry-21-go-veka/ 

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