Opening IMAX cinema in Krasnodar

First in the South of Russia opened in IMAX cinema Cineplex "Seven Stars" chain of movie theaters "Monitor". The day before, in the "SBS Megamall" took "ajar", during which the Krasnodar journalists, bloggers and invited guests were able to see the film "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" in the format IMAX 3D.

On how prepared IMAX opening in Krasnodar, as well as plans for the future development director told a group of companies SBS Oksana Vikhrenko, Group CEO SBS Ruslan Ibragimov, CEO of cinema chain "Monitor" Rastorgouev Nicholas, director of film distribution "Monitor" Elena Polyanskaya and Technical Director Timothy Revin network.
A marketing director studio "Walt Disney Company CIS" Elena Brodsky noted the high quality of image and sound in the hall of the Krasnodar IMAX, which is not inferior to the best world standards.

The very first show in the new hall IMAX preceded the opening ceremony, which was attended by just four of Captain Jack Sparrow, a mermaid, a parrot and a monkey. Guests are also treated to the opening of "pirate" chocolate and exotic cocktails

As reported, IMAX — format theater, designed for large screen sizes and optimized for 3D-films. Spherical screen height of 16 meters and 25 meters long occupies almost all the space in front of the audience for maximum "presence effect".

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