Opening of fodder plant in the Kaluga region

December 29, 2011 at p. Ulyanovo opening ceremony of fodder plant in LLC "KFH" Harchevnikov. "

With the commissioning of high feed department at KFH "Harchevnikov VE" provides for an increase in pork production by at least 25%. To slaughter during the year will be grown for at least 10-11 thousand pigs with gross production of 1,100 tons of pork in live weight.

Construction of a pig-breeding complex in the farm "Harchevnikov VE" was carried out in 2007, industrial activity began in March 2008. The uniqueness of the current project is to create a high-tech, highly profitable farm animal breeding pigs with the use of modern industrial technology bezvygulnogo and feeding dry food. All production processes — feeding, watering and manure removal — mechanized.

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