Opening of the 4th production facility for the production of porcelain PCL

Ltd. "MCS" ("ceramics factory Snezhinsk") — newly constructed facility for the production of porcelain in Snezhinsk (Chelyabinsk region).. The output of products launched in 2005.

July 13. 2011. the grand opening of the fourth production line technology Factory "MCS" trademark "Ural granite".

The line is equipped with modern equipment to produce high-quality and environmentally friendly building material in different colors and types of surfaces such as polished, glazed and frosted with a classic at the same time more precision machining side edges of granite — distillation. The production capacity of the plant has risen to 8.5 million square meters of ceramic granite in the year.

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Were invited to the opening of both partners and guests. Representatives of the regional and municipal authorities: the first deputy governor of the Chelyabinsk region Sergei L. Komyakov, Chapter Snezhinsk urban district Michael E. Zheleznov who helped in solving non-standard and complex issues. The representatives of the Spanish-ESMALGLASS ITHACA GROUP — companies, a world leader in the production of dyes, pigments, glazes, frits and additives. Representatives of the manufacturers of the equipment from Italy — top managers SACMI, SYSTEM, BMR, ICF, which carried out the supply, installation and startup of successfully produced. Representatives of the "Chelyabinvestbank" and "Savings" in a timely manner and on favorable terms supporting the project. Partners for the construction, have successfully completed and passed the operating room for further work. The members of the Board of Directors of the plant. Partners, asking for the supply of high-quality materials for the production of porcelain. Employees of the plant, who took an active part in the construction and launch of the line.

Thus, with the opening of the 4th line of the company has reached a new level of production of ceramic tiles and is a leader among manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Russia.


Tile after press:


Tile stoves after:

After tile oven reaches the further mechanical treatment: polishing and rectification:

Polished tiles 600×600:

After polishing tile falls on the alignment of the edges on all sides to the exact size of 600×600 — rectification:


Output size in electronic form on each tile:

Packing. Automatic feeding of shipping pallets:

Automatic packaging:

The official part. Remarks by the Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Sobolev Komyakova:

The official part. The mayor of Snezhinsk Michael E. Zheleznov, First Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Sergei L. Komyakov, CEO of "MCS" Sergei Mostinets:

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