Opening of the Center for collective use of scientific equipment Arctic

May 28 at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Arkhangelsk) the grand opening of the Center for collective use of scientific equipment "Arctic."


Such a complex of unique scientific and analytical equipment in Russia can be found only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The level of equipment of the new scientific cluster Northern (Arctic) Federal University is not inferior to the leading universities and research centers in the developed countries of Europe, USA and Japan.


Behind the doors of the eleven laboratories NBI BUT "Arctic" way to a scientific breakthrough. Bruker, Shimadzu, Dionex, Carl Zeiss, Horiba, Analytik Jena, Agilent — are just a few names of the world’s leading manufacturers, which were produced by the given parameters research, analytical equipment for the Center "Arctic".

Only in 2010 to equip the NBI BUT "Arctic" natural-scientific equipment, spent about 250 million rubles. This year, the completion of the material base of the Centre plans to allocate 150 million rubles.


So, already 60% of the purchased equipment is ready for use. According to the plan during the month will be commissioned in the rest.

Thanks to the Center finally became possible to carry out fundamental research in the field of nanotechnology, physical chemistry, chemistry of natural products, analytical chemistry, ecology, organic chemistry, physics, disperse systems, chemistry and physics of materials and nanomaterials, pharmacology. In addition, scientists from Northern (Arctic) will be engaged in geochemical research related to the study of geological processes in the Arctic region, the exploration of mineral deposits. And last but not least — the University will develop methods and tools for environmental control and monitoring of the Arctic and priakrticheskih territories of the Russian Federation.

The Center has already won an open competition for a state contract to conduct research in the amount of 28 million rubles. Under the contract, the scientists will conduct chemical monitoring of toxic rocket fuel component in the environment.

Centre will not only our own research, but also provide services to other scientific, research organizations, industry, public authorities and public organizations. Now there is no need to send samples of the materials to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Any analysis can be carried out on the spot. This significantly reduces the cost of the procedure and the time spent in it.

Olesya Kulba. Photos of Artem Kelareva


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