Opening of the Children’s Academy of Engineering

September 2, 2013 began its work state general education school gymnasium-boarding "Children’s Academy of Engineering."  

Its mission — to identify and support children who have a tendency to invent and design activities. Training will take place in the following areas: robotics, architecture, design, engineering, etc. This year institution capable pupils gaining capital to grade 5, and the next is planned to gather talented children from all over Ukraine.

Start unusual: fifth-graders with their parents had the opportunity to not only remember the unforgettable works of the Great Bard, but also took part in the competition for the best compilation of Lego — designs. And then the big family table tea party was held, during which familiarized students, parents, and teachers. After all the vertices of the triangle cooperation enables the little man find himself, to realize a person achieve their dreams.

Together with the young "Archimedes", teachers and parents at the festival was the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Borys Zhebrovsky, who recalled that in the children’s Academy of Engineering will develop a standard that will determine the rate and amount of training, depending on the inclinations and abilities. "Every high-school student will have his" personal educational route ", — said Boris Zhebrovsky. — "It is a choice of lessons, clubs and studios, working on a specific project. And in high school — training, visits to universities, laboratories, consolidation of the scientists who are working on this subject. "

Academy established pursuant to Decree of the President of Ukraine, its social initiatives for the project "Intelligent Ukraine’s future." Note that a new institution — the experimental and is directly subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Children’s Academy of Engineering will be the ninth secondary general education institution directly subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. State educational institution — High School "State Children’s Academy" created pursuant to Presidential Decree of 31 August 2010 "On creation of the State Children’s Academy of Engineering" and in the framework of the social initiatives of the President of Ukraine.

— State Children’s Engineering Academy is unique in the world — says the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Borys Zhebrovsky. — I would call the school academy for young Archimedes. We want to find in Ukraine, children who are already in the early school years have demonstrated the ability to invent and design.

Ukraine and the world needs engineers

Before the Children’s Academy of Engineering is somewhat important for the country and education problems.

— First, the overall orientation for engineering professions and occupations — said Boris. — Now the world needs people who are able to realize the amazing achievements of fundamental science, to turn them into actual design and engineering ideas.

In recent decades, the education of different countries dominated by other preferences. As we were popular profession of lawyers, economists and international affairs. Today, the world is growing rapidly, and he needs just engineers.

We offer all the regions to create their engineering school, schools, lyceums. And that will be the focal institution and organizational center. After all, it is clear that hundreds, even the best students will not solve the whole problem. We hope that soon Ukraine will be covered with a network of engineering institutions.

For each student — a personal educational route.

In the Children’s Engineering Academy will be implemented innovative idea of individual education. Each child will develop a standard that will determine the rate and amount of training, depending on the inclinations and abilities.

— We want every student Academy had the opportunity to study in terms of the individual standard — says Boris Zhebrovsky. — Name this educational experiment personal educational route. It is a choice of lessons, clubs and studios, working on a specific project. And in high school — training, visits to universities, laboratories, consolidation of the scientists working on this theme.

We believe that one of the main directions in the Engineering Academy will be all that is associated with robotics. Among children, it is very popular. In a class of specialized training will be introduced gradually and cautiously at first — just the basics of technical creativity. Let’s see what kids are interested in more, but will give the opportunity to try everything. It is assumed that all students will be members of the Academy Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, have their own theme projects.

In the senior classes will be taught specialized subjects related to the activities of specific institutions. We very much look forward to the active participation of our best technical universities that train engineers. This applies to the use of the material-technical base and laboratories for teaching, attracting leading teachers. The rector of the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture Peter Kulikov carried away by the idea, even plans to open a department of robotics, because today is clear — the future belongs to engineering. Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture — the first partner of the Children’s Academy of Engineering. Training at the academy for children opens direct access to training in specialized schools. And even more — universities will be able to select students in the best universities of the world are already on the protection of senior projects.

The child’s educational

What is this?

Another "know-how" institutions — the creation of an entirely new educational atmosphere, building relationships, "the student — teacher — the family — the world around us."

— We want to find out from what is now an educational space for each student — said Boris. — This is — a few elements: school, school education — there are activities and workshops, as well as the influence of the family environment in which the child grows up, chatting with friends, informal preferences, communication with the virtual world — Internet resources and social networks. We’ve learned that education — is primarily a school. Today the situation is different: educational institutions are no longer the "first violin" in influencing the formation of the person, and the teacher as the media plays the electronic media. And it is this experimental institution — Academy of Engineering — will provide an opportunity to clearly define the components of the educational space. This will help an individual approach to pupils, teaching staff of carefully selected, a small number of students, the subordination of the Ministry of institutions directly.

Boris says that without the help of parents and their understanding of the ideas Academy success is impossible. Therefore, the institution will be built a special system of working with parents: they will actively involve in the educational process, they would be building a relationship with both creative partners.

The first to fifth grade students of the Academy will be

This year, the Children’s Academy of Engineering announced enrollment in 5th classes for students of Kiev. Starting next year, a 5 — 6 th classes academy will accept children from all over Ukraine.

We will closely monitor all competitions for children who get patents on the discovery, we invite them to training, — shared his plans for the Deputy Minister. — We look forward to helping non-school institutions who know the inclinations and abilities of their students. Let us ask to recommend the best. To work in the academy will invite top executives circles. All our public-school institutions — Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the National Ecological Center naturalist, Ukrainian State Centre of adult education — will actively cooperate with the new institution. For 5 — 10 years old Academy will be a powerful unique institution known not only in Ukraine.

This academic year at the Children’s Academy of Engineering plans to recruit fifth classes are not more than twenty students in each. Why of fifths? "In the first class, you can find Mozart, but Kulibina or Archimedes — yet, they really need to look ten years", — said Boris. Students will take the school curriculum, and in addition, to learn the basics of computer graphics and technical creativity. Even the usual lessons at school will be conducted by special techniques. An important component in the educational process will take after-school and group work. This individual-group work in sections (robotic, information and communication, mathematical), scientific research and participate in study groups, such as air or ship — modeling.

The hardest part — to take the first step to open the academy to enroll the first children and teachers — says the official. — Next, we will strengthen the base. We have a large area and the possibility of development. A two-year experience in creating engineering academy confirmed the words of Voltaire, big things do not happen without major obstacles.

Enrollment in Kiev in the 5th classes of Children’s Academy of Engineering continues. For more information call: 481-47-62 (Department of Experimental Pedagogy and Education Management MES) and 097-221-11-72 (school director Dmitri V. Borovik).

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