Opening of the First Eye Hospital in Moscow

Opening of the First Eye Clinic, located in Moscow on the street Veresaeva will be held August 12, 2013. It will provide high-quality modern treatment of eye diseases on the latest expensive equipment at affordable prices.  
Creating the First Eye Clinic was the embodiment of a unique social life — an innovative project which aims to make available to every high-tech treatment. The clinic placed the most modern equipment, with which will be carried out diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases of any difficulty. Particular attention is given to the operating room, equipped with the latest technology in accordance with international standards.
A team of experienced, highly skilled professionals who use their work in cutting-edge technology, will make every effort to preserve and restore sight to patients who use the clinic for help. In the treatment here will be used only high-quality supplies and medicines from leading manufacturers.
In connection with the opening of the clinic for two months on a comprehensive diagnostic service 50% discount, while those patients who need surgery in the future, the diagnosis will be made at no charge.
"The first eye clinic — an innovative treatment facility. It is equipped with a new, modern, and sometimes just a unique high-tech equipment for the treatment of eye diseases. We provide attentive, caring attitudes of professionals to each patient. The use of the latest techniques and the use of modern equipment
will heal and restore vision even seriously ill patients, and the prices will be available in almost all categories of citizens. Our goal — to re-open their bright colorful world and make them happy, "- said the director of the clinic Larisa Smirnova E..
For more details about the opening of a new eye clinic and prices can be found by calling or visiting the website clinic.
Information about the company: First eye clinic — A new treatment facility that is implemented by a unique social — an innovative project aimed at improving public health. It will provide high-quality medical care to patients with various diseases of the eye at affordable prices. More about the clinic can be found on the website

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