Operating power units at Beloyarsk extended work experience

Power unit number 3 reactor BN-600, which in the current year, said 33 years of successful operation, will work again. Design life was planned by designers (in theory) until 2010, but now, on the basis of experience of the equipment and by an evaluation of materials, obtained a license to extend its operation for another ten years. And with the prospect of further extension for an additional period of time.   As explained by the deputy head of the reactor hall, 2 Ilya Owl, studies have shown that the metal is very well keeps its properties for long periods of operation.

— Practical results were better than theoretical. Thank designers still the Soviet period, the reserves of strength laid multiple.

When the calculated service life of the unit, practical experience, because there was now a resource is permitted up to 45 and 60 years, so that in principle, this system may be a long and happy life. However, for this and had to do a lot. Were carried out modernization of turbine generators, information systems and controls, backup control station and another channel for emergency power replaced steam generators, reactor coolant pumps, increased seismic equipment, implemented additional systems corresponding to the modern concepts of the world to ensure the safety of NPPs.

Deputy Chief Engineer Beloyarsk safety and reliability Valery Shaman confirmed:

"The highest priority of the nuclear power plant is safe. It provides, for example, a three-time redundancy and duplication devices and systems, particularly safety culture formed by the staff. "

In the ten years preceding the end of the settlement of schedule operation was carried out a wide-ranging set of works on modernization and replacement of equipment, thanks to this unit has entered into an additional term fully updated.

In 2010, the State regulatory authority "Rostehnadzor" issued a license to operate until 2020, but on the power necessary work has been completed, allowing to obtain a license and subsequent operation. On the question of how much cost all of these works, Valery Shaman said that billions of rubles, but they will pay off within the extended period. Then immediately added that there can not be anything for money transfer:

— The most important thing — it’s the prestige of our country, the development of innovative technologies, the development of fast reactors. It’s unique power unit with a fast neutron reactor industrial power level. We, Russia can not lose this asset, such developments no one else!

However, to remain in such a unique block is very long. Next to being completed unit with a fast neutron reactor BN-800. His physical start to occur later this year. And it is the design of commercial BN-1200.

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