Optiflame Solutions Company completed testing of a working sample of the wind turbine Closed

Photo source:optiflame-spb.ru

Company Optiflame Solutions («Optifleym Solyushenz"), within the framework of implementing the "Skolkovo" project to create a new generation of small and medium-sized wind turbines closed in the past year has created a pre-production units for training to industrial production.
As the head of Vladimir Kanin, traditional windmills open have a high level of potential danger and, therefore, are located mainly in non-residential areas at a distance. Wind turbines closed, equipped with turbine-like airplane, can be placed in any location, such as on the roofs of residential or commercial buildings.
"This year, we made a working sample (1/2 kW installed capacity), which not only tested in the wind tunnel, but in the" combat conditions "at the site. This is not the prototype and pre-production. Now our goal — "to shift" it on an industrial scale ", — said Kanin.
According to him, another important result of the work of the company in 2011 were contacts with major international companies operating in the field of alternative energy.

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"The interest shown in our products, for example, Electricite de France — the largest electricity company in France. Their representatives visited us to explore the process of research and development ", — said Kanin.
"In the autumn, the conference on renewable energy ReTECH-2011 in Washington," Optifleym Solyushenz "held talks with top potential partners and customers," — he said, adding that the company was "beginning in contact with the U.S. venture capital funds operating in the industry," clean " technologies (clean-tech) ».
Speaking about plans Optiflame Solutions in 2012, Kanin noted that companies first need to choose one of two possible strategies of development. "Either we remain a company engaged in research and development and at the same time looking for industrial partners to manufacture wind turbines, or we develop its own production, albeit small," — he said.
As for future developments, the Optiflame Solutions plans to create the next model of the wind turbine on 5/10 kilowatts, said the head of the company.

Photo source:optiflame-spb.ru

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