Optifood plans to export chicken meat

Rostov company "Optifood" in 2011, expects to increase poultry production to 78 million tons. The company is considering the possibility to start exporting chicken.
Larissa Ladoshina, General Director of the Firm "Optifood" reported that the company decided to export chicken paws. The price for this product in foreign markets at 25-30% higher than Russian. In 2010, the company has shipped 260 tons of raw paws into a deep freeze largest wholesalers of Hong Kong, who are engaged in the supply of China and Vietnam.

The company is also in the middle of last year started to ship in Kazakhstan of 350 tonnes of poultry meat per month. Now volumes were up to 500 tons.
Also produce "Optifood" interested Egypt and UAE.
In mid-summer, the enterprise will visit the distributors. The most important requirement in Arab countries — availability of halal (permitted by Muslims according to the Koran). In mid-2010, the company registered a halal brand "Najma". By the end of the year, the company expects to increase its halal products to 17% of the total production.
The Arabs are interested in finding new suppliers, to avoid dependence on Brazilian companies that provide almost all imports into the region.
By the end of 2011, the company hopes to sell to export about 15% of total production. In the coming months, "Optifood" will register the brand under which to operate in foreign markets.
Ltd. "Kalitvinsky Meat Processing Plant" (company "Optifood")

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