Optimistic dynamics

Summary of the first half of 2012, the Federal State Governmental Institution "Federal savings and mortgage system of housing for military personnel" (FGKU "Rosvoenipoteka") showed a significant increase in the number of participants and increase the efficiency of storage-mortgage system (NIS).

Military Mortgage steadily gaining "momentum", in 2007, the new system of housing purchased more than 31,500 apartments. The total number of participants exceeded 205 thousand people. NIS has turned into a special, privileged form of payment by the state of military labor. Time has proven the viability and attractiveness of the new system to allow young officers, warrant officers and contract soldiers get housing within three years after the entry into the NIS.

In the regions of Russia have created more than 15 branches FGKU "Rosvoenipoteka." It is the one and only for all law enforcement agencies Russian state structure similar profile (since 2009 mortgage has become a mandatory program for all young servicemen on contract). Has a network of branches up to date information on the housing market in the area of responsibility. Therefore, the subject of the Russian Federation, selected for the acquisition of property, a member of the NIS will always receive useful information and expert assistance in the branch FGKU. There’s also possible to select one of the insurance programs with favorable conditions for soldiers.
Positive dynamics is clearly visible in the example of one of the best — the Voronezh branch "Rosvoenipoteki" in charge of the eight regions in Central Russia (Voronezh, Belgorod, Lipetsk, Kursk, Orel, Ryazan, Tambov and Tula). Here, from June 2009 to August 2012, the apartments purchased 2,662 soldier — member of the NIS. The dynamics of growth over the past seven months is impressive — an average of more than 16 percent. In January — July 2012 in the area of the branch purchased 658 apartments (for the whole 2009-th — 247, and the 2010-th — 708 apartments). In comparison with January — July 2011 — by 100-odd apartments more.
The best performance has the Voronezh region, where for seven months purchased 174 apartments. Surrounding the figures — Ryazan, Orel, Belgorod (respectively 111, 86, and 73 apartments). However, the dynamics of growth in the lead Tula region — 40.5 percent, and in fact square meter of housing there is cheap and the average area of the purchased apartment — 63 square meters. m just expensive apartments in Belgorod (average area — 62 sq. m.). Based on the average mortgage amount of 2.2 million + 600,000 rubles to the account name (for the three years of participation in the NIS), the most affordable housing for military personnel in Central Russia — in the Kursk region, where the average area of the purchased apartment — 75.9 m. m Voronezh region also looks quite democratic (69.1 sq. m.).
In the first half of 2012, the meetings of the Voronezh branch employees FGKU with thousands of military personnel of military units and institutions. Directly at the branch organized a daily intake of members and candidates to participate in the savings and mortgage system, phone support. For guidance and assistance on military mortgages over the phone and in person every turn at least ten people. In the first six months of the most active explanatory work was in the Tula and Ryazan regions that are included in the scope of responsibility of the Voronezh branch in the spring of 2011. Perhaps it is this, rather than dislocation airborne divisions or parts of the Russian Interior Ministry explained by high rates — 40.5 and 33.7 percent growth respectively.
Everything is decided by objective information. The head of the Voronezh branch "Rosvoenipoteki" Alexander Lebedev believes that managed to "walk" up to 80 percent of participants in the NIS. The interest of the military grows constantly have people believe there are no more doubts.
By itself, convincing and regulated by law the growth trend of the annual amount earmarked contribution (from 37 thousand in 2005 to 205 thousand in 2012). Each year, the state budget laid amounts calculated by increasing the number of participants in the program.
Created in June 2009, the Voronezh branch FGKU "Rosvoenipoteka" successfully developed in two main areas: advocacy with military parties and candidates to participate in the savings and mortgage system and the interaction with the commanders of the military units, leaders of the organizations involved to participate in the AMS housing for military personnel. Constantly monitors the cost and the terms of the loan service organizations, realtors, insurers, builders and other persons who may be involved in the acquisition of military housing (up to 150 organizations in a month). Regularly attend meetings with credit, construction, insurance and appraisal partners involved in the implementation of the "Military Mortgage."
The system continues to evolve and improve. In addition to the annual indexation of the storage fee, greatly expanded the opportunities for the acquisition of military housing changes in the legislation. For example, in 2011 there was a right to re-enable NIS upon separation from service and subsequent reduction (albeit in a different power department). The next step — the legislative amendments governing the use of the research vessel "maternity capital".
Significantly improved the conditions of loan. In 2011-2012, increased the number of Russian banks operating in the "Military Mortgage", and among them there was "top ten" of the largest. Banks have developed their own programs of loan of NIS. The maximum amount of bank credit has risen to 3 million rubles. Reduced costs involved in processing the transaction. Most banks have canceled the commission for the issuance of credit, as well as the mandatory life insurance and the title of the borrower. According to the military, the program has become more clear, and credit institutions operate more efficiently.
Feel more confident and NIS participants who chose a strategy of accumulation of funds on the savings account, because public investment ensures the safety of savings and allows participants to NIS successfully solve the housing problem in the future. After 20 years of military service member NIS for dismissal shall have the right to obtain and use the accumulated funds at their discretion.
I recently had the opportunity to get troops targeted housing loans to buy a home under construction. The program allows you to buy apartments at a lower price and a larger area compared to the purchase in the secondary market. Another important factor reducing additional costs. With the start of the program of lending facilities during the construction phase was made possible rejection of realtor services. Another important innovation is envisaged legislative changes — buying a house with a plot.
And if the graduates of military schools in 2005-2007, having the right to choose, prefer the old way of first housing (social housing and all), then it is not too late to "return". Today, the officer under the age of 27 years can join the NIS with no loss in the amount of the mortgage (after the thirtieth banks offer loans regressive, because the calculations are done for 15 years of service, up to 45 years of age of the borrower). The right choice of NIS in a few years after the end of the military institution remains. Unfortunately irreplaceable time and money, because the annual fees for nominal savings account starting from the date of the report to the commander. Perhaps with the imminent and inevitable solut
ion to the problem of social housing for the military budget and would be better "deduct" the right of the graduates of 2005-2007 on financial participation in the NIS since the release. After all, in the long term will still be only one system of housing.
Another positive change: in case of early dismissal on the organizational and staffing arrangements or health condition (after 10 years of service) legally regulated loan repayment funds of the state with a shortage of them under the terms of the mortgage product.
And if a member of NIS for some reason serve to dismissal at least 10 years of age or at any stage up to 20 years of service to resign, he still profitable return earmarked contributions to the state (for 10 years, under the refinancing rate of the Central Bank) and stay in the mortgage apartment, paying his bank to 10 per cent per annum (instead of the usual 15 per cent of the bottom of the scale of the Russian mortgage product). Of course, the bankers this stabilizing option also satisfied (possible extension to 60 years of age of the borrower).
Democratic and transparent NIS has a wide scope for further development and improvement, the mobilization of additional legislative instruments and bank reserves — for the benefit of a person in uniform.

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