Opto-electronic module Flight 1

"Chelyabinsk Radio Plant" Flight"A member of the JSC" Concern "Vega", in a short time has developed and released a completely new, which is an innovative product for the enterprise — Opto-electronic module "Flight 1".

REM "Flight 1" is used for clock monitoring areas and can be used for protection of critical facilities (nuclear and hydro power plants, oil and gas pipelines, airports, dams, storage tanks, etc.), infrastructure, cities and businesses.

The main components of the module are made by state standards at domestic plants. To get the image in the module uses three channels: thermal imaging — to work at night, color and black and white — to observe the day. The original software developed by JSC "Chelyabinsk Radio Plant" Flight ", passed metrological examination and state registration in the Federal Service of Intellectual Property. Issued a patent for utility model.

Repair and service module, including thermal imaging channel, is performed by specialists of JSC "Chelyabinsk Radio Plant" Flight "(without the export from the Russian Federation). Prototype REM" Flight 1 "passed performance tests, which showed a high specification and has proven itself as a reliable means of clock surveillance.

February 20, 2012 by the Interdepartmental Commission Act was signed on assignment in the product documentation REM "Flight 1" letter "O1" for the serial production.

May 17, 2012 signed by the Act and the decision on the conclusion of the test with a recommendation on whether to adopt the module to snabzhenie.V currently works on the aggregation of REM "Flight 1" with the radar "Outpost", developed and manufactured by JSC "Concern" Vega ".  

In REM "FLIGHT-1" integrated:

· Color TV camera with a lens that enables a continuous variation of the field of view;

· Black-and-white television camera with high sensitivity lens that enables fixed narrow field of view;

· Thermal imaging camera based on a cooled photodetector, which allows to conduct round the clock surveillance and to ensure detection and recognition of the object type "man" at a distance of 4 km.

                       IMAGES OF OBJECTS AND gave a color thermal imaging camera at various distances

                                                                     Car — 2 km


  • Color Camera
  • Color Camera


  • Black-and-white camera
  • Black-and-white camera


  • Imaging ir camera
  • Imaging ir camera


                                                                         The Church — 9 km

  • Color Camera
  • Color Camera


  • Black-and-white camera
  • Black-and-white camera


  • Imaging ir camera
  • Imaging ir camera


  • People - 800m
  • People — 800m


  • Cars on the road - 13km
  • Cars on the road — 13km


  • The level of oil in the sealed container
  • The level of oil in the sealed container


                                     ORIGINAL SOFTWARE ARM REM "FLIGHT-1"

In software, ARM REM "FLIGHT-1" implemented: 

  — algorithm for object tracking;

  — motion detector;

  — support for high-resolution FullHD;

  — monitoring program;

  — algorithm for image stabilization;

  — panoramic view;

  — program shift video stream;

  — the ability to archive still images.


To monitor the areas under the protection of critical facilities (nuclear and hydro power plants, oil and gas pipelines, dams, storage tanks, etc.), infrastructure, cities and businesses, as well as other sightings. The design of the module allows you to search, detection and identification of moving and stationary targets at any time of the day, pan observed terrain in the sector of 360 °, the job points presets, program management scanning priority sites monitoring, automatic and manual capture (fixation) of the observed object with the withdrawal of its trajectory movement on the monitor, the implementation of stop-frame by the operator, tracking of objects, a software correction to improve the video image quality, as well as the archiving of video and still — frames. 


· Video block: black and white, color and thermal imaging camera; 

· Rotary support (GTC);

· Personal computer and monitor (PC);

· Software ARM REM "FLIGHT-1";

· Cabinet;

· Cable network.

Advantages over similar products:

· Improved technical and economic indicators; 

· Original software;

· Possibility of interconnecting with any systems technical security and surveillance;

· The development and production of major components, including thermal imaging device, is at domestic plants;

· Repair and maintenance of thermal imaging devices on the territory of the Russian Federation (without export abroad);

· Quality technical support for products throughout the life cycle;

· Development and production is carried out in accordance with state standards.



field of view, degrees ________ 1.45 x 1.08

matrix size, pixel ________ 768 x 576

Human detection range, km __ 8 … 9

range of human recognition km__6 … 8

min illumination, luxury, at least __ 0.0001

max light, luxury, not less than 000 _30

razresheyuschaya ability, tv liniy_570


angle, degrees

-azimuth 360 _______________________

-in elevation of -40 … +40 _________________

angular velocity, degrees / sec

-Azimuth ___________________ 0.03 … 65

-in elevation ________________ 0.03 … 30

pointing accuracy for

azimuth and elevation, __________ 1 mrad


field of view, degrees _ 1,45 x 1,08 / 31,01 x23, 58

matrix size, 752 x 582 piksel_________

detection range of human km____ 7 … 8

range of human recognition km_ 5 … 7

min illumination, lux, min 0.03 _____

max light, luxury, no less than 100,000 __

resolution, 450 TV lines _____

Imaging ir camera

field of view, degrees ____ 9 x 6.75 / 3 x 2.25

__________________ digital zoom 2

Human detection range, km __ 6 … 8

range of human recognition km_ 4 … 5

-up time, min, max 5 __

operating range of wavelengths, um ___ 8 … 12

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